weekly rides

October 19, 2017

it was cold for a quick minute last week, so chloe and i took advantage of the weather, bundled ourselves up, and rode bikes along the beach. sometimes i forget how easy it is to do this, i think once it cools down for good we’ll be doing it a lot more often. on our ride we happened to run into some people that we knew from back home, such a small world! we sat and chatted with them for a little while and watched the waves. there was hardly anyone on the sand which was such a change of scenery from the crowds we’ve had all summer. then, even though it was a bit chilly, we stayed to watch the sunset, perfect end to the week. 

apple picking!

October 11, 2017

we went to riley’s farm to shoot some photos for maple boutique and then made a little adventure out of the rest of the day. if you’ve never been to riley’s farm, i highly suggest you go this fall! it’s so cute, lots to do; apple picking, pumpkin patch, there’s a corn maze up the road, and most importantly, THERE’S GOATS. but for real, it totally gets you in the fall spirit!

ghost of halloween’s past

October 10, 2017

2014| this year we forced my brother & the kids we babysat to dress up with us. our original idea was to be the lost boys from peter pan but somehow it turned into this instead, which i’m not upset about. we got tons of compliments on them which made us really proud cause we made/threw together these costumes with things we had laying around the house. this was one of my favorite halloweens, we took them trick or treating in a golf cart, our little fox lost her tail, i’m pretty sure i tripped and fell in someone’s front yard, such a fun night! plus, it was just absolutely FREEZING and eventually started snowing on us!2015|this year we decided to go to the river last minute. best decision ever made if i’m being honest. we had no intentions of dressing up but packed some cat ears just in case. couldn’t just let them go to waste. + + i found this palm leaf and started running around like a witch with a broom, 97 failed pictures later we got this gem. it’s still to this day one of my grandma’s favorite pictures of me.2016| i have to say that last year was my favorite when it comes to halloween costumes & festivities. although, we’ve been planning this year’s costume since july and i’m SO excited about it coming to life. but, sammi and i have called ourselves thelma and louise since carrie underwood and miranda lambert’s song, “something bad” came out. so it was only a matter of time that we dressed up like them for halloween. another diy costume that we put together with stuff we already had!+ this year sammi also painted my face like a skeleton. these photos will forever be some of my FAVORITE photos ever. the lighting & weather that day was just too perfect, i can’t get over how good they turned out!i seriously get so giddy and happy looking back at photos from past autumns. i love it so much and this year is going to be just as great! ugh, can’t it just be fall 93% of the time?? is that too much to ask!?

friday weddings

September 29, 2017

okay, when i first heard about weddings being on fridays, i thought it was kinda weird.. but after attending one, i think it was the best idea anyone ever had! the weddings themselves are cheaper, they don’t really take time out of your weekend, and it’s just a great excuse to leave work early! i went to the cutest little ceremony up in carlsbad a couple weekends ago and it was hands down one of the prettiest weddings i’ve ever been to. super relaxed and fun celebration!

preschool apple crafts

September 28, 2017

earlier this week was Johnny Appleseed day, so we celebrated by making our own hats, having an apple tasting, and painting with apples. throughout the week we made a few different apple crafts as well;coffee filter apples| all you need are some coffee filters, watercolor paint, some clothes pins, and some paper leaves. i just let my class choose which color apples they wanted to make, they painted the coffee filters then bunched them into a ball to make an apple. we added the clothes pin for the stem along with a leaf or two. super easy and cute.apple core name craft| you’ll need paper, popsicle sticks, tacky glue, stems, half circles for the apple, and then some more leaves. i wrote each child’s name onto the popsicle sticks and used this as a center to help them recognize their name, and which order the letters go in. once they figured it out, we glued them onto a small pieces of white paper, then they glued on the apple parts, stem, and leaves. another super simple, but cute craft.apple stamping| all you’ll need is paper, apples, paint, and plastic forks. this was their favorite craft for sure. i just cut the apples in half, put forks in the top so it was a little bit easier to grab, and then let them choose which color apple they wanted. so fun and totally easy, and because you could see the seeds, it was a great conversation starter about how apples grow!

whats in my target cart

September 19, 2017

fall decor just gets to me. i honestly think fall is the definition of me. or maybe i’m the definition of it. regardless, i am not ashamed of my obsession with the season. i was a fan of everything pumpkin before it was cool. anyways, i may or may not have gone a little overboard on my latest target trip. i just couldn’t help myself. it’s fine.

01| i’ve wanted this buffalo print for awhile, but i never could bring myself to get it.. until now.
02| i am too embarrassed to tell you how many antler related things i own, yet i purchased this deer head anyway. zero regrets.
03| HAVE YOU SMELT THIS SOAP!? once you do, you’ll understand.
04| is there such thing as too many pillows? no? didn’t think so either. chloe bought this one, and this one is mine.
05| i carried this vase around the store like it was my child.
06|i tried to find the skull online but it must be sold only in stores. BUT target has soooo many halloween stuff i literally had to force myself not to purchase. like this sign, these lights, this pumpkin, and this
07| we also bought this candle, this candle, and this garland. whoops.

sunday scriptures

September 17, 2017

as a teacher, especially one at a Christian school, i want to always make sure that my students and their parents see Jesus in me. i’m not always perfect, but i want to make sure that even on bad days, people still know i am a believer. some days i am better at this than others, it’s something i am constantly trying to improve. here are some verses that have encouraged me this week.

“God is within her, she will not fail” Psalm 46:5

“so whatever you eat or drink, whatever you do, do all to the glory of God” 1 Corinthians 10:31

“her mouth speaks from which fills her heart” Luke 6:45

“cling to what is good” Romans 12:9

“those who look to Him are radiant” Psalm 34:4

where otis goes

September 12, 2017

i have been real into podcasts lately, they’re pretty much all i listen to these days. especially on long drives, they just seem to make the time go by a lot quicker. i’ve accumulated quite a bit of favorites, so i thought i’d share them with you.


the goal digger podcast with jenna kutcher

how i built this

the lively show

stuff you should know


the dirtbag diaries

zero to travel

outside podcast

sounds of the trail


off the vine with kaitlyn bristowe

munchin with mogals

ben & ashley i’s almost famous podcast

beautiful stories from anonymous people

my friends are having a baby!

September 11, 2017

three years ago Megan sent me a direct message on instagram asking me to text her.. we both worked for the same school district and she wanted to know if i’d carpool with her down to a meeting. that meeting was the very first time we hung out, we got yelled at for talking too much and had a lady lecture us about how eating regular m&m’s is less healthy than peanut m&m’s.. and then on the way home we GOT IN A CAR CRASH! talk about starting our friendship off with a bang. it was just a little fender bender, but we were stuck in the middle of the freeway for what felt like forever, thank goodness we had each other! over the three years we’ve been on so many adventures; jeep rides, photo shoots, girls nights, concerts, and so much more. it really feels like we’ve been friends forever. and now she and her husband are having a baby!!! meg asked if i would take their announcement photos a couple weekends ago and there was no way i was going to turn that down. i am just so excited for them! they are going to be such amazing parents and i can not wait to snuggle the little babe. 

welcome fall

September 1, 2017

we have finally made it to my favorite time of year!! i know it’s not technically the first day of fall, but i can’t wait any longer! maybe it’s just me, it feels like it took forever to get here this year. but at the same time 2017 has also flown by. i just hope this season lasts for as long as it can. i really thrive in the fall/winter time. if there’s a place i don’t know about that has autumn weather all year round, let me know, because i’m going to move there tomorrow. i am just so excited to wear jackets, jump in leaves, carve pumpkins, pick apples, dress up for halloween, burn fall scented candles. oh and target trips this time of year are just my absolute favorite.