sidecar doughnuts

October 10, 2016

holy moly! you need to go here asap. they have the most delicious donuts you will ever taste, AND they have gluten free flavors as well. it’s so cute inside, and the people who work there are all really sweet. this one is in costa mesa, it’s close to the beach and some other fun shops. there’s also one in santa monica! go go go.

love me some octobers

October 3, 2016

i’m so happy it’s finally october! autumn is my all time favorite season! i’ve been sitting here scrolling through all my most treasured fall memories and photos, is it just me or is everything ten times prettier and cozier in the fall time?? it’s the best. actually, in my opinion, october through december is the most wonderful time of the year, and i’m so excited for all the holiday festivities to come.

weekly target trip

September 29, 2016

i’m embarrassed to admit how often i go to target, sometimes i go and don’t even buy anything. i know, i know, ridiculous. but can you blame me? it just has some of the most PERFECT finds, especially now that everything is fall, i can’t seem to stop throwing things in the cart. i decided why not put my target trips to good use and share them with you.
01/ this goat salt shaker, i don’t think i’ve ever mentioned it before, but my favorite animal is a goat. i don’t really have a specific reason, but they are just so cute! i saw this and couldn’t resist, plus we didn’t have a salt shaker.
02/ apple pie hand towel, i actually bought this to hang on the wall in my kitchen, it’s such a cute way to add fall to my apartment and has an actual recipe on it that i’m going to try!
03/ my mug obsession is a little out of hand, but i actually use each one i buy, so i justify it. anyway, what sold me on this one is that it double as a bowl! who doesn’t love a bowl of coffee?
04/ a majority of the things i own are black, white, and earth tones, so i neeeeeeded this one.
05/ this one is actually my roommates but.. whats mine is yours, right chloe?
06/ this is honestly the best smelling soap you will ever smell. not kidding. i just love fall so much you guys, why can’t it always be fall?
07/ run, this pillow is on sale! seriously, i’ve decided fall is my favorite color.
08/ oh and that’s a peach that i bought, probably the only realistic thing i purchased.. and it looked good in the picture. ha!

neat coffee, costa mesa

September 22, 2016

i want to start sharing my favorite places in orange county as i discover them, the first one is for all you coffee lovers. i just recently went to neat coffee for the first time. it’s tucked away in a sea of office buildings, but it’s the cutest little space with SUCH GOOD COFFEE. their cold brew is amazing, and they have a few tables + chairs outside with blankets! such a cozy place to just relax and drink coffee.

whoops, got another tattoo

September 20, 2016

moving to the beach hasn’t been as easy as either of us (my roommate chloe & i) thought, it was a major culture shock and has taken a lot of getting used to. it’s caused us to really grow though, and everything can only go up from here. on sunday we decided to go get wave tattoos, as a symbol of living at the beach for one, but also to remind us that “mightier than the waves is His love for [us]” psalm 93:4. these song lyrics come to mind when i see it too, “i will call upon Your name, and keep my eyes above the waves. when oceans rise, my soul will rest in Your embrace.. for i am Yours, and You are mine.” i love it so much! and i love where i got it done, if you’re ever in orange county check out port city tattoo!

where otis goes

August 23, 2016

i think i might have said this before, but my jeep is hands down the best thing i’ve ever purchased. i’ve only had it a year and it’s taken me on so many adventures.. i’ve given hundreds of jeep waves, gone through every muddy puddle, and drove on so many roads with the windows down and the radio up. you don’t know that feeling until you’ve ridden in a jeep, let me tell ya.

river trip!

August 20, 2016

last week we went to the river to celebrate these two girls birthdays and spent some quality time with jolie before she left to start her new journey in montana. i already miss her tons but i know she is going to have such a great adventure. it was a nice last hurrah before i start back to work on monday. so many memories have been made here, the river will forever be my favorite place.

sunset shenanigans

August 9, 2016

i miss this girl so much already! our sunset adventures will always be my favorite, hopping in my jeep, pulling over on the first dirt road we find and taking loads and loads of photos. there’s something about the high desert at sunset(and right after it rains), it may be the desert, but it sure has it’s beautiful moments. we could have spent hours out here, but perfect lighting just goes away so quick. i think our next sunset shoot should be at the beach surrounded by palm trees.. what do you say, meg?
p.s. my shirt/ the adventure project