20 things i’ve learned since turning twenty one

February 10, 2015

how am i almost (in three days!) twenty two? I could have sworn yesterday was my seventh birthday. have you heard the saying a lot can happen in a year? this past year of my life has definitely proved that, the things I’ve learned I will carry with me in my heart for the rest of my days.

incase you need a little encouraging today remember:

01 that nothing is a waste of time if you learned something.

02 sometimes you just need to call up your aunt and talk/laugh on the phone for hours

03 going a day, week, month, without wearing makeup is good every now and then. being able to itch your eyes and not care, it’s magic I tell ya.

04 don’t worry about things you can’t control. seriously. worrying gives you wrinkles


05 train yourself to see the good in everything. in people, in yourself, in your job, in every circumstance. positive vibes

06 eating breakfast for dinner is always allowed, especially on your birthday

07 spending time among the trees with good company is sometimes all you need

08 God is in control. he won’t let you down


09 always choose the healthier option on the menu, with the exception of french fries, those are always welcome

10 never apologize for spending time doing what makes you happy

11 only invest your time and money in things of good quality. buy less, choose well

12 a plane ticket is never a bad decision


13 its okay to walk out of someone’s life (or let them walk out of yours) if you feel you don’t belong anymore

14 do something everyday to bring you closer to your dreams. hard work is always rewarding

15 life is short, so wake up early and go to bed late. live by the motto “leave the night on” (thanks sam hunt)

16 be yourself always, don’t ever try to be anything you aren’t. it took me twenty one years to fully learn this, but I can’t stress it enough, be proud of who you are. you’re rad


17 always say yes to an adventure

18 never hide from anything, it’ll get you nowhere

19 its okay to ask for extra pickles. as many as you want

20 always carry extra deodorant in your car. does anyone else always forget to put it on? no? okay