January 1, 2015

guys! it’s 2015! how did that happen? this year flew by, but it’s been nothing short of amazing. I’ve grown so much over the last year, and have explored so many new (to me) parts of the world. I’m giddy to see all the adventures that 2015 has to offer. do you guys make yearly resolutions? it’s my favorite part of the new year! there’s something so motivating about a fresh start. some of my resolutions for the year are to travel|adventure more// last year I went to six states, I plan on beating that this year. I want to see so much of the world and take photographs of it. buy a jeep// the ultimate adventure car. be more present// focus on the moments themselves and enjoy them. try new things// I tend to not do things because they seem a little intimidating, but in the end I always regret it, so no more of that. don’t make plans// I’m a huge planner, but I’ve come to realize that sometimes it’s the unexpected things in life that turn out better than the planned ones.

cheers to the next 364 days, I have a feeling it’s gonna be a good one.

those are just a few of my (many) resolutions, what about you? what are some of your resolutions?