a legacy

May 29, 2015

on the twenty sixth we said goodbye to my great grandma. she is now back with her beloved husband, and i’m sure she is beaming with joy. not many people have the privilege of saying they got to meet their great grandparents. I not only got to meet them, but I got to grow to know who they are over my twenty two years of life. they taught me what love truly is, they encouraged me to travel the world and really learn about the places i go, as well as take a piece with me when i leave. and they showed me God’s light in a way that inspired me to live for him always. i’m forever blessed by these two, nana + bumpa.

4 thoughts on “a legacy

  1. Yelle

    i am so sorry for your loss. my great grandparents on my mothers side passed away in the last few years, however they lived in another country and i rarely got to see them. it is so special that you got to spend so much time with them. xo

    1. samantha Post author

      Aw thank you! i am very blessed. and aw, i’m sorry, it’s still such a great thing to have been able to meet them. xoxo

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