salvation mountain + ace hotel palm springs!

March 24, 2016

first off, i apologize in advance for all the pictures in this post. but i narrowed it down as much as i could. really. also, can you say awkward fake laughing? haha! anyways, we started out this journey by driving through joshua tree and stopping by sky village swamp meet. it was pretty big and fun to look around. then on the way out to palm springs we decided to take a little detour and head over to salvation mountain. along the side of the (longest) road (ever), we found this huge palm tree garden (or at least that’s what i called it), so naturally we had to pull over and frolic through it. after salvation mountain (it was sooo hot there, we were dying), we headed over to the ace hotel, we had the cutest room ever with a balcony and a fire place. heart eyes for days. we ordered pizza for dinner and roasted marshmallows, then had a dance party and took a late night swim. the next morning we all road bikes to get acai bowls for breakfast then came back and laid by the pool for the rest of the day. it was a quick trip but one to remember forever. a road trip with all my best friends? nothing could be better. #tribe217