November 16, 2016

who knew that being an adult would be so comical, i couldn’t make up the things that have happened to us in the past few months if i tried. can’t control it though, so we’ve learned to just laugh through it. i thought i would share some of the awkward, funny, only could happen to us moments that we’ve experienced since moving here.
some random guy in our apartment complex cornered us and tried to sell us a newspaper subscription and wouldn’t take no for an answer. after we told him no thanks, he proceeded to yell at us saying that he was a broke college student and we couldn’t possibly know what it feels like to work for three whole hours in one day then come home and do homework for hours. we politely said no again and then took off running.
then we had pumpkin rot on our carpet.. oh boy this was a doozy. who knew a pumpkin would turn to complete mush in a total of three days? this story starts out on a good note, we won a starbucks gift card for carving the best jack o’ lantern in a pumpkin carving contest #roomategoals! but then sadly it was all down hill from there and we had to scrub moldy rotten pumpkin out of our carpet. you should have seen us, we looked like we were conducting some sort of illegal experiment in our living room. we had bandanas around our faces (cause i’m extremely allergic to mold), and the baking soda + vinegar mixture was bubbling all over. it was a sight i’m sure. but it makes for a good memory, right? right.
we have a neighbor that claps ALL DAY LONG. and it’s not a normal clap guys, it’s this weird monotone clap where there’s about two seconds between each clap. he claps about twelve times and then stops, and that goes on aaaaaaall day no matter what time it is. you know how on friends they have ugly naked guy that lives across the street? well we have old clapper guy. okay, how many times can i say clap in one paragraph?
our freezer stopped working one morning so we called the maintenance guy to come look at it, he stuck his head inside and said “hmm.. it sure isn’t working.. take everything out and i’ll be back in a half hour with a new one.” wait, what? chloe was leaving for work, but i was off since it was a saturday, so i emptied out the fridge + freezer and waited for him to come back. i heard this motorized sound coming from outside and when i opened the door i saw a fridge hooked to some contraption and it was moving up the stairs by itself!
we met new friends and the first impression we made on them was us taking our shoes off and hiking up “suicide hill”, running through sprinklers at 10pm and then swinging on a playground.. we swore we weren’t that weird, and they decided to stay friends with us so we’re good.

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