apple picking!

October 11, 2017

we went to riley’s farm to shoot some photos for maple boutique and then made a little adventure out of the rest of the day. if you’ve never been to riley’s farm, i highly suggest you go this fall! it’s so cute, lots to do; apple picking, pumpkin patch, there’s a corn maze up the road, and most importantly, THERE’S GOATS. but for real, it totally gets you in the fall spirit!

3 thoughts on “apple picking!

  1. Granma

    Grandpa and I have been to Riley’s several times. Once to a “Blue & Gold” Ball. A Civil War reenactment followed by a ‘Ball”. We dressed in period costumes and talked (or tried) like they did then… It was really a fun day and evening. (Dinner was what would have been served back then.)

    Another time I got to play the wash-tub base in their band. Along the way we did pick apples and drink some cider.

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