July 1, 2014

my mom had a hard time having children, she wanted a big family with lots of kids. she tried and tried, but only (by a miracle) ended up with me. i was seven weeks early, five pounds, and in the icu for fourteen days post birth. but i made it and my parents were beyond happy. my mom still wanted more children but unfortunately the doctors said it would probably never happen again. when I was three and a half years old my family adopted my first brother, jake.. or “baby jake” as I liked to call him. he was six months old and had the most contagious smile you’ve ever seen. i was so happy and proud to become a big sister, it’s amazing the love my almost four year old self had for that little boy, and it only keeps growing.

a while down the road my parents found out jake had a younger brother, after a lot of prayer and paperwork I gained a new baby brother, zackary. he was a tiny bit older than jake was when he came into our home, and his raspy little voice was the best sound I ever heard. that little clumsy boy has turned into an even bigger clumsy boy and also one of my best friends that i love so dearly.
just recently both boys had a birthday, they are now seventeen and eighteen years old. even though over the years life with them hasn’t always been the easiest my parents decision of bringing them into our lives was the best possible thing to ever happen to me. I’ve learned so much having them as younger brothers, i’ve loved more than i thought i could, and i’ve grown into the person i am today because of them. I’m so happy I’ve gotten to grow up along side them and see the world through their eyes. i can’t wait to share all my (and their) future experiences with my baby brothers. happy birthday you two. I’m proud to be your sister.