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we moved again!?

March 31, 2017

welp, we moved again! don’t worry, we are just as surprised and confused as you probably are. it all happened so quickly, but i couldn’t be more excited! i never would have thought i would live within walking distance of the beach, God has truly blessed us and answered our prayers in the most perfect way. cheers to yet another new adventure along side this little sister of mine, don’t know what i would do without her.

stormy weather

March 13, 2017

i wasn’t joking when i said i hadn’t seen the sun in months. i thought moving to the beach would mean that i would be tan all year round, and would never have to wear a jacket. Ha! boy was i wrong. it’s rained more than i’ve ever seen in my whole life! i kept joking that the world was coming to an end, i mean, the bible says there will be flooding.. and there was flooding alright. but, i’m really not complaining, cause although i am happy it’s starting to warm up, i really do love rainy weather. one day right as a storm was rolling in, chloe and i walked along the beach, and it was one of the prettiest sights i’ve seen in awhile. the waves were HUGE, and even though it was extremely windy it oddly still felt so quiet and still. it was super hard for me moving to the beach, but it has grown on me more than i ever thought it could. i am so blessed to live in this place.

palm springs travel guide

March 8, 2017

when i was little we used to stop here on the way to the river every year, my brothers and i would climb all over their tails and pretend they were real. now there’s a $5,000 fine if you touch one. funny how things change like that. but even after all these years, stopping here is still as cool as it was when i was eight. i highly recommend visiting these dinos on your way up (or down) the 10 freeway. i haven’t stayed in that many hotels, but this one is by far my favorite. it’s decorated so cute, the beds are super comfy, and the people who work there are the sweetest. also i would highly suggest you get a meal from kind’s highway! so. good. and don’t forget to take some pictures in the photo-booth! that’s one of my favorite parts!

jeep adventures

December 27, 2016

chloe and i are home for christmas and friends of ours came up to adventure around in the snow. we piled into my dad’s and shane’s jeeps and went on a little drive through the mountains, it was a blast and we only got stuck once. sometimes we get so caught up in living life, needing to be places, making all ends meet all the time.. and it can just get overwhelming and exhausting. all growing up my life was spent going on countless camping trips, tons of off-road excursions and doing things that just sort of distance ourselves from the business of the world..¬† and honestly, to me, there is nothing more important. yesterday when we were driving around, so many memories filled my mind, and i remembered why i have such an adventurous soul. days like this are so special to me because in the end, these are going to be the moments i remember and cherish forever.
my dad: “guys go fall back into the snow and i’ll take your picture”

chilly evenings

November 4, 2016

i was feeling homesick last week, so i drove up one evening and spent the weekend in the mountains. i always heard the saying, ‘you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone’, but i never experienced it first hand until now. i miss being surrounded by pine trees, SO MUCH. don’t get me wrong, i’m happy i moved, this time living in orange county is going to be something i look back on, thankful that i took this leap of faith. “Jesus replied ‘you don’t understand now what i am doing, but someday you will.'” john 13:7 this verse has comforted me lately, i don’t really know the reason i moved here, but there’s something exciting about knowing God is working in me, even if i don’t see it. every time i come home, as much as i miss this place, i could never see myself moving back here. i’ve outgrown this town. come next year though, you’ll catch me back in the mountains just hopefully the ones a different state.

love me some octobers

October 3, 2016

i’m so happy it’s finally october! autumn is my all time favorite season! i’ve been sitting here scrolling through all my most treasured fall memories and photos, is it just me or is everything ten times prettier and cozier in the fall time?? it’s the best. actually, in my opinion, october through december is the most wonderful time of the year, and i’m so excited for all the holiday festivities to come.

whoops, got another tattoo

September 20, 2016

moving to the beach hasn’t been as easy as either of us (my roommate chloe & i) thought, it was a major culture shock and has taken a lot of getting used to. it’s caused us to really grow though, and everything can only go up from here. on sunday we decided to go get wave tattoos, as a symbol of living at the beach for one, but also to remind us that “mightier than the waves is His love for [us]” psalm 93:4. these song lyrics come to mind when i see it too, “i will call upon Your name, and keep my eyes above the waves. when oceans rise, my soul will rest in Your embrace.. for i am Yours, and You are mine.” i love it so much! and i love where i got it done, if you’re ever in orange county check out port city tattoo!

i love mountains

September 6, 2016

i sure do. and moving to the beach has really shown me how much. i miss them a lot. but, this is a fun season in my life that i will remember forever. and i will be back in the mountains soon enough, just not the same ones as before.

koozie/ mile high clothing 

where otis goes

August 23, 2016

i think i might have said this before, but my jeep is hands down the best thing i’ve ever purchased. i’ve only had it a year and it’s taken me on so many adventures.. i’ve given hundreds of jeep waves, gone through every muddy puddle, and drove on so many roads with the windows down and the radio up. you don’t know that feeling until you’ve ridden in a jeep, let me tell ya.

river trip!

August 20, 2016

last week we went to the river to celebrate these two girls birthdays and spent some quality time with jolie before she left to start her new journey in montana. i already miss her tons but i know she is going to have such a great adventure. it was a nice last hurrah before i start back to work on monday. so many memories have been made here, the river will forever be my favorite place.