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bits + pieces

August 21, 2017

rodeo with my girls. also i apologize that i take SO many photos of my feet.. after a long week at worka coworker and i are forcing everyone to bring in pictures of themselves as preschoolers planting carrots, pumpkins, and broccoli chopped my hair, dyed it darker, & got a new phone case. basically i’m a whole new person got sent the cutest cutting board from cooks cutting boards what’s a road trip without snacks? had to try each flavor of course our favorite coffee shop. there i go with the feet shots again, i’m sorry..ish

artifact uprising

August 4, 2017

for as long as i can remember i always loved having photos displayed in my room. i remember having them taped up on my wall, or hanging in frames. every few months i would order prints and when they arrived i would run upstairs and update my walls with newer photographs. this habit of mine slowly died down over the years and i haven’t ordered prints in way too long. i was scrolling through instagram and saw that artifact uprising was giving away free prints last month so i jumped at the chance to order some of my recent photos. i chose the square prints with no border, they are such nice quality and came in the cutest packaging ever. ten out of ten recommend.

bits + pieces

July 31, 2017

i ordered the COOLEST sticker pack from a super great artist, Sam Larson
I GOT TO PET A GOAT AT THE FAIR AND I ALMOST CRIED.. this photo may or may not be my screen saver..also saw tyler rich + justin moore at the fair, not as cool as the goat though 😉 the cashier charged us for 40 cents four bags and put only like five items in each one.. all the snuggles with this cute little nephew of mine when i first tried kombucha i gagged in the middle of my kitchen and told my mom i would never drink that nasty stuff again.. i also said that about coffee.. never say never, kids!

christmas in july!

July 25, 2017

Every year my friend and I celebrate christmas in july, we make cookies, watch hallmark christmas movies, and listen to christmas music. last year we stupidly wore sweaters and just about melted in the heat, this year we were a little bit smarter and settled for festive socks. i really thrive the closer it get’s to christmas, sometimes i wish i lived in a world that was just september through december. leaves changing, pumpkin patches, halloween, chilly evenings, bonfires, sweaters, snow, christmas music, i could go on forever. everyone around me doesn’t want summer to end, but i wanted it over before it started. okay that’s a little dramatic, i love the sunshine and going to the river more than i love candy, but there’s something about the last half of the year that i can’t seem to shake. and i may or may not have been listening to michael buble’s christmas album on my way to work. so, just in case you were wondering, there is only 152 days until christmas! please try to contain your excitement.


July 7, 2017

easton: “ms hawkey when you sit criss cross applesauce you look like you’re my age”
jacob: “when she stands up she looks our age too”

natalia: “when i grow up i’m gonna be a doctor but i’m also gonna be moana”

charlie: “dear jesus, thank you for this food and please keep mike trout safe, amen”

sophia: “he’s wearing his shirt backwards.. does that mean he’s canadian?”

nate: “when i sleep i dream of monkeys”

cayden: “this is a silly thing.. one time i ate a grape and it squirt juice in my brother’s eye”

evie: “what would happen if you ate a turtle for dinner?”

bits + pieces

July 6, 2017

where have i been? i don’t really know. i’ve been busy doing lots of things, but also haven’t really been busy at all. just going with the flow of life, and trying to let myself relax. i tend to drift away from this space a lot lately, i don’t know why because i always always always end up missing it. this place is my creative outlet and something i care deeply for, and i always push it to the bottom of my to-do list because i feel like there’s always something more important i should be doing. i really want to change that mind set and create more time to spend on here, for a few reasons but most importantly because it makes me happy. here’s just a few photos of what i’ve been up to while i’ve been away..june gloom here at the beach has been REAL.. i don’t see the sun until about noon each day. but i can’t say i’m really complaining.TOWER OF TERROR WAS REPLACED AND IS GONE FOREVER AND I AM STILL UPSET ABOUT IT i became the cheif beer fisherman of the colorado river. the most proud title i hold to this day my roommate and i left the house wearing the exact same shoes and i also realized that i take an unhealthy amount of photos of my feet.. i took this super cute picture of my dogs and i couldn’t help but share it BOTH my little brothers are now in their twenties and it makes me feel so old i taught a little girl in my class how to draw a cabin and pine trees and it was one proud moment let me tell ya i also drove to the river twice in the span of seven days and it was well worth all the money i spent in gas

books i’ve been reading

May 15, 2017

i’ve been trying to read more lately. sometimes life just gets in the way and it’s hard to make time. it’s so important to make time though, reading really helps me escape the busyness and rest for a moment. these are just a couple of the books i’ve read/am currently reading.
The Magnolia Story: if you like the show fixer upper, run to the nearest book store and get your hands on this book. it is so good. SO. GOOD. their life is so encouraging and inspiring. it makes me want to move to texas and pray that i have a marriage like theirs one day.
Talking As Fast As I Can: gilmore girls is my all time favorite show. sometimes i like to think i’m lorelei, i mean i drink enough coffee to be her so it’s fine. this book was so fun to read, i loved hearing all about lauren graham’s life.
Uninvited: i’m still in the middle of this one. it is really good so far, and is a great reminder of how much you are loved by God. “Living loved is sourced in your quiet daily surrender to the One who made you.”
We Stood Upon Stars: this is another one i’m currently reading. it is right up my alley, all about adventure, traveling, and jesus. the illustrations inside are AMAZING.

happy mother’s day!

happy mother’s day to the best mom in the world. she is the strongest woman i know and every single day i am so proud to be her daughter. she has taught me so much, i wouldn’t be half the person i am today without her. so blessed to have her as my mom and also my friend.

coffee + jesus

April 11, 2017

lately i’ve been making a point to sit down and spend time reading my bible, and i can honestly say i notice a difference in my life. just goes to show how important it really is to spend time with Jesus. in doing this, i added so many verses into my collection of favorites, and i decided i didn’t want to just keep them to myself.

“as a deer longs for streams of water, so my soul longs for you o’ God” psalm 42:1

“faith can move mountains” matthew 17:20

“the voice of the lord shakes the wilderness” psalm 29:8

“i urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received. be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love” ephesians 4:1-2

“she holds onto hope for God is forever faithful” 1 corinthians 1:9

“seek the kingdom of God above all else” matthew 6:33

“i love those who love me; and those who diligently seek me will find me” proverbs 8:17

“be still” psalm 46:10

“do not be anxious about anything” philippians 4:6

“when you go through deep waters, i will be with you” isaiah 43:2

disney days

April 7, 2017

i can’t even count on my fingers + toes how many times i’ve been to disneyland. i’m not one of those crazy people who go six times a week but i try to go as often as i can. i wouldn’t say i’m a disney expert or anything, but i do know where every bathroom is located. that’s an important thing to know let me tell ya.
food: i also LOVE disney food. i swear everything tastes better inside those gates. my number one rule going to disneyland, you must, i repeat, MUST get the frozen apple juice. there’s also frozen lemonade, but the apple juice is a zillion times better. trust me. for some reason these drinks get over looked, everyone just wants a churro or some dole-whip (don’t get me wrong though you should DEFINITELY get those too) but they don’t know what they’re missing out on. also, do. not. leave. unless you have gotten a pickle. i stinkin’ love those things. okay, and let’s not forget the perfect snack to watch the fireworks with, the popcorn! it’s another type of amazing. you can also buy the collectable containers + get cheap refills. there are quite a few options if you’re gluten free (like me), some of the stores have gf treats and Jolly Holiday Bakery has gluten free buns!
rides: okay don’t laugh, but, i once got SOAKED on the matterhorn ride. like, completely dripping wet. it doesn’t happen often but don’t say i didn’t warn you. if you just want to ride the ride, and don’t care too much about sitting with your friends, i highly suggest single-rider lines. you pretty much split your wait time in half, and sometimes they even let you sit with someone in your party. always always always get fast passes. the quickest fast pass lines (in my opinion) are: indiana jones, space mountain (sometimes), pirates, and matterhorn. if you’re feeling tired of walking but don’t want to just sit and people watch, go on the little kid rides! they are actually really fun, and a nice little break. don’t forget about the monsters inc. ride. it’s kind of tucked back in an odd spot in california adventure. it’s super cute and rarely has a line!
other: if you buy a balloon in the park and it pops while you’re there, they’ll replace it for free! walk up to any place that sells food, and ask for a cup of water. they legally have to give it to you, and it’ll be nice and cold and refreshing. oh and don’t forget where you parked your car! you don’t want to get lost in that parking garage. it’s no fun, trust me, i know from experience.