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thelma & louise

November 1, 2016

“bout to tear it up down in new orleans just like a real-life thelma & louise, if the cops catch us they’re gonna call it kidnapping got a real good feelin’ something bad about to happen”
happy november! i hope everyone had a great halloween! what were your costumes this year? my friend sammi and i were thelma & louise, i’m super proud of how our costumes turned out considering we threw them together last minute. as much as i love halloween, i’m happy it’s over because now i can dive head first into christmas! yep, i’m that person and i’m not sorry about it.

happy halloween!

October 31, 2016

happy halloween! i hope you all have a fun & safe night!

healthy blueberry popsicles!

June 9, 2016

i’ve been wanting to make my own popsicles for the past like, five summers, and i finally went bought a popsicle mold last week. these are the first ones i made, and they turned out so yummy! and they are totally healthy and super easy to make, so win, win!
-one banana
-one cup plain yogurt
-one cup blueberries
-one cup spinach
so easy! just mix all the ingredients in the blender, pour into the mold, and then pop in the freezer until frozen! seriously so good, i can’t wait to make more!

lavender lemonade!

March 30, 2016

                                    |essential oil| soap| hand sanitizer| lotion| bottles|

if you didn’t notice, i may be a tiny bit obsessed with all things lavender. but can you blame me? anyways. on Easter we made lavender lemonade. i repeat, lavender lemonade! it was delicious.

here is the recipe! found, here. “1 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice 3/4 cup sugar + 3/4 cup boiling water combine stir until   crystals are dissolved. Add 3-1/2 cups water. Shake all ingredients until well blended. Steep 3 TBL of lavender in 1 quart of boiling water. When cooled SLOWLY add 3-5 TBL to lemonade.” enjoy!

how i edit my instagram photos + tips i use

January 25, 2016

i’m sure like me, you love instagram. it’s such a fun way to share parts of your life. taking pictures is one of my favorite things to do, and making them look pretty next to each other is also a lot of fun for me. i only use about one or two apps to edit my photos, and this one created by a beautiful mess is my new favorite! if you really want the color in your pictures to pop, this is a great app. i’ve been obsessing over trying out each filter (my favorite so far is ‘lazy sunday’) and tool. (i don’t always use ‘afterlight’, but there are a few filters i really love on there. you can also make your photo into different shapes, and that’s always fun) out of the three, there’s main one i really use is VSCOcam. i love the fliters on here, and another thing that i love about it is that the layout is very similar to instagram so i save the photo’s in the app in the order they appear in my instagram so i can see what ones look good next to picture’s i’ve already posted, and then that way i can plan ahead. yeah, i know, i know, i’m crazy.
04 is the filter i use most. i try and make sure i use the same filter for each picture, so they look good next to each other. some don’t always look best with that filter, so i’ll play with the lighting and the contrast. i could spend (way too many) hours doing this, but i really enjoy it.if you only knew how long it took me to figure out what pictures i want to post and which ones look best, it’s probably unhealthy, but hey, like i said, i enjoy it.

a few extra tips i have for when you’re taking pictures for instagram//

01. natural light. take photos outside, or next to a window if possible. lighting is always key.
02. take the photo with the square option on your phone to make sure it will fit. there’s been times where i’m super bummed that my whole photo doesn’t look good in a tiny square.
03. take pictures of what you love. don’t try to be other people that you follow, just share what makes you happy.
04. i like to keep the ‘grid’ on my phone turned on, that way i can center objects i take photos of, and make sure my landscape is level.
05. don’t be afraid (or embarrassed) to stand on a chair, in a bush (i may have done that more than once), or pull over on the side of the road to take a picture, if you see something you want to capture. do it. be creative.

diy// gold refrigerator magnets

January 18, 2016

i found this idea on pinterest about a year ago and i’m just getting around to doing it, i can’t believe i waited this long. the whole project took under an hour (including dry time), and they couldn’t have turned out any better.

what you’ll need//
alphabet magnets
gold (or any color you want!) spray paint
and that’s it!

step one// find a place to spread out the letters. i laid out some brown paper on a piece of plywood in my yard.
step two// you’ll need to spray them in layers, at first it’ll look like the paint isn’t sticking, but after about the third coat they’ll look like you bought them this way. oh, and make sure you get all angles (or not, cause i did like them with a little bit of color showing). also, be sure to use the spray paint in a ventilated area. step three// and you’re done! just let them dry. mine took about a half hour. seriously just about the easiest thing i’ve ever done.


December 9, 2015

growing up i’ve always kept a journal, but as i got older (and busier) it began to feel more and more like a chore to write in it everyday. recently i stumbled upon some old journals of mine, i smiled (and laughed at myself while) looking back through all my written memories and it made me want to start writing in one again. while sammi and i were out shopping a few months ago we found these and thought they would be perfect for what we had in mind. we decorated the covers, and decided to only write about days we really want to remember. and the best part is, is that the pages are completely blank, so that we can draw (or paint) something that represents that day as well. there’s also a really cool pocket on the first page to stick ticket stubs, boarding passes, or any other keepsakes you’ve collected over that year. it’s so much fun and i actually get excited to write in it. these are a few of my favorites over the last couple months. i ordered pictures through foxprint, that will go in the blank spaces on the pages. i think i’ll start sharing a few entries with you guys every so often. if you guys keep a journal like this i would love to hear how you do it, i love scrolling through pinterest looking at (and pinning) a ton of inspiration. 

make cinnamon ornaments

December 7, 2015

i’ve never made ornaments before, but i’m sure glad i did. they were super easy to make! the only disappointing thing was that i constantly wanted to take a bite out of them, but they are hardly eatable.

all you need are three ingredients//
1 cup applesauce
11/3 cup cinnamon
a teaspoon ground cloves.

preheat your oven to 200
mix applesauce, cinnamon, and cloves into a bowl. recipes i saw said to use an electric mixer, but i used a spoon and it turned out just fine. once you’ve mixed it all together, sprinkle some cinnamon onto a smooth surface like you would flour, and roll out the mixture until it’s about 1/4 of an inch thick. then go to town with your cookie cutters. i used a straw to poke a hole for the ribbon, and it seemed to work out really perfect. after you have all the cut outs you want, place them onto a pan, make sure you use parchment paper first, much easier to get the ornaments off once they’re baked. put them in the oven for about an hour and a half, or until they’re fully hardened. if you leave them in too long, they could crack or burn so make sure you check on them at the hour mark. it’s seriously so easy! and it makes your house smell wonderful. just remember, as much as you might will want to, don’t eat them.

how to make a fall flower crown

September 28, 2015

flower crowns are still in right? i hope they never go out of style, i think they are so beautiful. i’m going to the river for halloween and i want to make a flower crown so i can bring a little bit of fall with me on my trip. last year i made one with an elastic base, it was pretty but i never wore it because it was too tight. i figured out a new way to make them and now i can’t wait to make one for every season or special occasion. you’ll need:
wire// i just got some out of my dad’s garage, any kind should work as long as it’s thick and sturdy enough to attach flowers too but easy enough to bend so it can fit your head
wire cutters//
floral tape// i bought mine in a pack of three from michael’s $6.00
flowers// what ever kind you like, but make sure when you cut them you leave some of the stem. once i bent the wire to my preferred shape and size, i covered the whole thing with garden tape, then i cut the flowers and started wrapping the stems to connect the flowers to the wire. that’s all there is to it, i think the hardest part was deciding where i wanted the flowers.