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coffee + inspiration

July 17, 2017

sometimes life can be draining and un-motivating, so i love coming across things that inspire me. joanna gaines inspires me like nobody else, her faith, her style, her outlook on life. all of it. she seems to just always have a great way of motivating me. one thing that she said has stuck with me recently, “if you can’t find happiness in the ugliness, you’re not going to find it in beauty either.” there are moments in life where the situation might not be ideal, but it’s so important that we find happiness in those times. because not being able to find happiness in beautiful things would be pretty awful. so i encourage you today to find something happy in every day, create your own beauty in your life.

coffee + jesus

April 11, 2017

lately i’ve been making a point to sit down and spend time reading my bible, and i can honestly say i notice a difference in my life. just goes to show how important it really is to spend time with Jesus. in doing this, i added so many verses into my collection of favorites, and i decided i didn’t want to just keep them to myself.

“as a deer longs for streams of water, so my soul longs for you o’ God” psalm 42:1

“faith can move mountains” matthew 17:20

“the voice of the lord shakes the wilderness” psalm 29:8

“i urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received. be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love” ephesians 4:1-2

“she holds onto hope for God is forever faithful” 1 corinthians 1:9

“seek the kingdom of God above all else” matthew 6:33

“i love those who love me; and those who diligently seek me will find me” proverbs 8:17

“be still” psalm 46:10

“do not be anxious about anything” philippians 4:6

“when you go through deep waters, i will be with you” isaiah 43:2

what’s in my target cart

November 7, 2016

i know, i know, it’s only november but tell that to target. it’s like christmas threw up in there, and i’m not even 1% mad about it. they get an A+ for their ornaments this year, i pretty much had to buy them all because i couldn’t choose a favorite. i may or may not have already decorated parts of our apartment for christmas. no shame what so ever though, this is my favorite time of the year so i try and make it last as long as possible. hurry go throw some christmas in your cart before i buy it all.

sidecar doughnuts

October 10, 2016

holy moly! you need to go here asap. they have the most delicious donuts you will ever taste, AND they have gluten free flavors as well. it’s so cute inside, and the people who work there are all really sweet. this one is in costa mesa, it’s close to the beach and some other fun shops. there’s also one in santa monica! go go go.

what’s in my target cart

September 29, 2016

i’m embarrassed to admit how often i go to target, sometimes i go and don’t even buy anything. i know, i know, ridiculous. but can you blame me? it just has some of the most PERFECT finds, especially now that everything is fall, i can’t seem to stop throwing things in the cart. i decided why not put my target trips to good use and share them with you.
01/ this goat salt shaker, i don’t think i’ve ever mentioned it before, but my favorite animal is a goat. i don’t really have a specific reason, but they are just so cute! i saw this and couldn’t resist, plus we didn’t have a salt shaker.
02/ apple pie hand towel, i actually bought this to hang on the wall in my kitchen, it’s such a cute way to add fall to my apartment and has an actual recipe on it that i’m going to try!
03/ my mug obsession is a little out of hand, but i actually use each one i buy, so i justify it. anyway, what sold me on this one is that it double as a bowl! who doesn’t love a bowl of coffee?
04/ a majority of the things i own are black, white, and earth tones, so i neeeeeeded this one.
05/ this one is actually my roommates but.. whats mine is yours, right chloe?
06/ this is honestly the best smelling soap you will ever smell. not kidding. i just love fall so much you guys, why can’t it always be fall?
07/ run, this pillow is on sale! seriously, i’ve decided fall is my favorite color.
08/ oh and that’s a peach that i bought, probably the only realistic thing i purchased.. and it looked good in the picture. ha!

neat coffee, costa mesa

September 22, 2016

i want to start sharing my favorite places in orange county as i discover them, the first one is for all you coffee lovers. i just recently went to neat coffee for the first time. it’s tucked away in a sea of office buildings, but it’s the cutest little space with SUCH GOOD COFFEE. their cold brew is amazing, and they have a few tables + chairs outside with blankets! such a cozy place to just relax and drink coffee.

healthy blueberry popsicles!

June 9, 2016

i’ve been wanting to make my own popsicles for the past like, five summers, and i finally went bought a popsicle mold last week. these are the first ones i made, and they turned out so yummy! and they are totally healthy and super easy to make, so win, win!
-one banana
-one cup plain yogurt
-one cup blueberries
-one cup spinach
so easy! just mix all the ingredients in the blender, pour into the mold, and then pop in the freezer until frozen! seriously so good, i can’t wait to make more!

cutest donuts you’ve ever seen

May 17, 2016

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetOKAY LOOK AT THESE DONUTS! they are from a cute little bakery in my town, i didn’t even eat one but i couldn’t not take a picture of them. on sunday i had lunch with my friend chloe, we talked about jesus, fitness, and exciting things coming up in the future. it was such a motivating conversation and i can’t wait to see all my upcoming plans unfold over the summer. i’m ready for some new adventures! (and to have a target close by!)

coffee conversations

May 2, 2016

hello! did ya miss me? okay first off, how is it may already!? i don’t know either, but i’m glad it’s here. these last two months have been a pretty rough to say the least, and to top it all off i currently have no voice (a girl in my class asked me if i swallowed it haha!). but! we are all pulling through. one of my best friends sent me this verse the other day, and it couldn’t be more perfect, “the Lord is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble.” psalm 9:9 i’m so thankful for those words. anyway, on to a lighter note, i only have about twenty something more work days left until summer! which is actually sort of bittersweet because i’m not returning next school year, but that’s only because bigger and better things are on the horizon and i just can’t wait! i’m also so ready for summer concerts, river trips, bonfires, late night adventures, and so much more.. it just can’t come soon enough. the rest of this year is going to be great i just know it. starting this month my friend chloe and i are going to try and eat really healthy, cut certain things out of our diet and do sort of a cleanse right before summer. i don’t think we know what we’re getting ourselves into, ha! but it’ll be good for us. i’ll try and write a post about how it goes! i’m hoping it will help me finally kick this bug i’ve been fighting for over a week now. i’m also (i think i’m) going to go blonde in the next couple months and i think it’ll be fun. but it also scares me a tiny bit. i took my best friend/sister’s senior pictures this weekend and i’m sitting here while they upload, dying at how beautiful she looks. i can’t believe she’s graduating. the weather has been a tad ridiculous lately, one day it’s nice and sunny, and the next we get this snow/hail/slush stuff that falls from the sky. it’s really annoying. don’t get me wrong, i love when it’s cold and snowy.. but in the winter! like i said i’m ready for summer. right now it’s currently raining though, and i don’t mind it one bit. i’m all cozy in pajamas with music playing and essential oils diffusing. i needed this day to get back on track.

coffee conversations

March 14, 2016

i haven’t been around on here in a little while. not because i don’t want to be, but because i’ve been needing to just let myself relax and spend time being in the moment.. not worrying about coming up with a blog post idea. i’ve been stocking up on them though, and i’m about to come (back) at you in full force. it’s okay, i know you’re excited, so am i. but let’s get into the real point of this post.. i’ve had a pen pal for the past eleven years, and i always wish that i would write my blog posts as if i’m writing to her. my letters just always seem to flow so well and they are one hundred percent real. so, i decided, why not make it a thing to sit down at least once or twice a month and write as if i’m just chatting with a friend over coffee. share stories and talk about what’s going on in my life, whether it’s good or bad.
^I held my breath taking this photo. i would have cried for twenty five days if that coffee spilled. i just got that marble case for my phone and i’m so in love with it. i also may have gotten a marble case for my laptop too. it’s kinda funny that marble is such a thing right now, it’s a design for a counter top. but who really cares? oh, i’m on my spring break this week! (can i get a hallelujah??) i’m so excited to do literally nothing for five days straight. i wish the weather felt spring-like though. we got snow on friday and it’s still been sort of chilly. i’m just really ready for river trips and sunshine. i’ve been wearing sandals(birkenstocks) pretending it’s warm, except.. i’ve been wearing socks with them… my mom is embarrassed to go anywhere with me when i wear them. haha! i just learned (for the most part) how to fully take photos with my camera on manual! i’m still not as quick with changing the settings as i’d like, but i’m so proud of myself. it’s a lot harder to figure out than you think. right now i’m currently on my third cup of coffee. i remember the days i used to swear that i would never drink it, now i can’t go a day without having it. have you ever tried lavender coffee? so. good. find some. speaking of lavender, i’m so obsessed with it. i have it defusing in my room right now. i just recently found a recipe for lavender lemonade and i really want to try it. dang now i want warmer weather even more. laying in the sun drinking lavender lemonade. then again, as much as that sounds amazing, i’m still always caught between wanting summer, and wanting christmas. it’s an on going struggle and i’m constantly wanting the opposite season. oh, not sure how this popped into my head, but gilmore girls. i’m so excited for the revival i can hardly sit still thinking about it. i’ve probably seen every episode over twenty times, i’ve been dreaming of this reunion since the day the show ended. i’m planning on having a gilmore girls party when the show comes back, complete with coffee, junk food, fast talking, and all my closest friends. —— while we are on the topic of closest friends, last thursday was one of the scariest moments of my life. my best friend sammi was hit by a semi truck on her way to work. it was a really bad accident but she was able to walk away (banged, bruised, and very sore) from it. i had never experienced something so scary, and the stress of trying to make my way to the accident (while being stuck in traffic!) is a feeling i wouldn’t wish on anyone. i’m just so beyond thankful she is okay. you hear about things like that happening, but when it’s someone close to you it makes it so much more real. —– on a bit of a (random-er) happier note, my jeep got a (much needed) bath yesterday! i may or may not have driven through some muddy puddles the other day. they are just too hard to resist. i can’t wait to take the top off my jeep this summer and drive around. but i’ll probably be over that jeep hair real quick. i’m babysitting this morning and Rivers’ said “watch me do a magic trick” then he took off his shirt, turned it inside out, and then put it back on. “tada!” so cool man, so cool. tomorrow’s blog post i’m sharing funny things my preschool class says. hopefully i’m not the only one who thinks it’s funny. well, i’m not sure how to end one of these posts. i usually end my letters saying “miss ya!” and then sign my name.. we’ll work on it.. xo.