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artifact uprising

August 4, 2017

for as long as i can remember i always loved having photos displayed in my room. i remember having them taped up on my wall, or hanging in frames. every few months i would order prints and when they arrived i would run upstairs and update my walls with newer photographs. this habit of mine slowly died down over the years and i haven’t ordered prints in way too long. i was scrolling through instagram and saw that artifact uprising was giving away free prints last month so i jumped at the chance to order some of my recent photos. i chose the square prints with no border, they are such nice quality and came in the cutest packaging ever. ten out of ten recommend.

sunset shenanigans

August 9, 2016

i miss this girl so much already! our sunset adventures will always be my favorite, hopping in my jeep, pulling over on the first dirt road we find and taking loads and loads of photos. there’s something about the high desert at sunset(and right after it rains), it may be the desert, but it sure has it’s beautiful moments. we could have spent hours out here, but perfect lighting just goes away so quick. i think our next sunset shoot should be at the beach surrounded by palm trees.. what do you say, meg?
p.s. my shirt/ the adventure project

katie’s maternity + family shoot

August 2, 2016

aren’t they so cute? this shoot was so much fun, mom + dad were so easy going, and the little girl was totally adorable and kept wanting to help us take the photos. loved how these turned out!

side of the road sunset

June 8, 2016

you know you are true friends when the first time you hung out you got in a little fender bender on the freeway and had to calm each other down, you’ve survived countless boring staff meetings (and been yelled at, at a few), and gone on so many spur of the moment adventures together. oh and ’cause of that one time i waited with her until her husband got home so she wouldn’t have to sleep on the front porch (like she was going to) because she was locked out of her house. but seriously, she calls me up and decides we are going to drive to the middle of nowhere, with no service, to take sunset pictures on the side of a road.. how could i say no to that!?my outfit|
shirt// cotton on
shorts// forever 21
hat// target
boots// boot barn
necklace// forever 21

meg’s outfit|
dress(old)// target(similar)
jacket// forever 21
hat// urban(sold out) (super similar one from target)

jolie’s senior pictures

May 4, 2016

um, can we just talk about how pretty this girl is for a second!? serious heart eyes over here! i can’t believe she’s graduating! i’ve known jolie for (going on) sixteen years! one of my favorite, earliest, memories of her is when she trotted her tiny self over to my house one day. she flung our gate open and stuck her hand up at my dog, not as a wave hello, but more of a i’m a little scared of you so i’m gonna put my hand up so you stay away from me thing. she did so of course with her infamous jolie attitude. this girl has been such a huge part of my life over these last sixteen years, she’s always been my go to, my shoulder to cry on, she’s inspired me to be a better person, and she’s made me laugh until i cry countless times. i’m so proud of who she is and who she is continuing to become each day. this little cutie is going to be attending the university of montana in the fall, it’s going to be weird not being right next door to each other but i’m so excited to see where the next chapters in both our lives take us. but no matter what she’ll always be the shawn to my gus (if you haven’t watched psych, do so right now).had to throw that one in.

santa ana photoshoot

March 23, 2016

last weekend i had a little practice photoshoot to get more comfortable with my camera. + to try out the new lens i got for my birthday. the lighting was just so perfect i love how the photos turned out!

mother + son

January 12, 2016

this is Kim and her son, Jamison. last year when i started working with her and i had no idea how close we would get over such a short amount of time. she has become one of my dearest friends and i’m so blessed to have her in my life. she was pregnant when i met her so i’ve got to watch Jamison grow into the little cuddly guy he is now. he is so cute, just look at those eyeballs! we drove around in the snow the other day, when we stopped i snapped a few photos of them. they are just the cutest and i can’t wait to take their family pictures soon.

chloe’s senior pictures

December 14, 2015

i’ve known chloe since she was a cute curly haired three year old, even though i’m five years older than her, we’ve grown up along side each other, and i’m so happy i was able to take her senior pictures. she is so beautiful (inside & out), so she made my job easy.

her adorable shoes are from// sbicca