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preschool apple crafts

September 28, 2017

earlier this week was Johnny Appleseed day, so we celebrated by making our own hats, having an apple tasting, and painting with apples. throughout the week we made a few different apple crafts as well;coffee filter apples| all you need are some coffee filters, watercolor paint, some clothes pins, and some paper leaves. i just let my class choose which color apples they wanted to make, they painted the coffee filters then bunched them into a ball to make an apple. we added the clothes pin for the stem along with a leaf or two. super easy and core name craft| you’ll need paper, popsicle sticks, tacky glue, stems, half circles for the apple, and then some more leaves. i wrote each child’s name onto the popsicle sticks and used this as a center to help them recognize their name, and which order the letters go in. once they figured it out, we glued them onto a small pieces of white paper, then they glued on the apple parts, stem, and leaves. another super simple, but cute stamping| all you’ll need is paper, apples, paint, and plastic forks. this was their favorite craft for sure. i just cut the apples in half, put forks in the top so it was a little bit easier to grab, and then let them choose which color apple they wanted. so fun and totally easy, and because you could see the seeds, it was a great conversation starter about how apples grow!

favorite summer children’s books

July 24, 2017

i teach preschool, and at our school, the kids still come during the summer. these are a few of my favorite books that we’ve read so far, and my students seemed to really love them too. there was an old lady who swallowed a shell was a hit, my class thought it was hilarious but we made sure to discuss how we should not swallow shells or animals 😉
this book was a little longer, but a cute story that also made them laugh. you can’t go wrong with goofy. after we were done, we all pretended to go camping in our classroom.
the night before summer vacation was so cute! it’s written like the night before christmas and after a few pages my class made that connection which made them love it even more. this author has a bunch of other books as well, another good one is, the night before preschool!
the illustrations in this book are beautiful and will make you look at the beach in a whole new way. the kids loved looking at all the pictures and would act out what each beach-goer was doing in the story. super cute book.