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desert rats

July 10, 2017

i got this ring at a flea market and i literally squealed when i saw it. it is so me, and so perfect. i grew up going out to “the desert” multiple times a year and i can’t even begin to explain how much this place made me who i am. the simpleness, the memories, the talks around the campfire, the off roading adventures, all of it. it’s all so irreplaceable and something i hold so near and dear to my heart. i don’t think i could thank my parents enough for making this place a part of my life, i am so happy i’ve gotten to share this space with my closest friends and family. wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

disney days

April 7, 2017

i can’t even count on my fingers + toes how many times i’ve been to disneyland. i’m not one of those crazy people who go six times a week but i try to go as often as i can. i wouldn’t say i’m a disney expert or anything, but i do know where every bathroom is located. that’s an important thing to know let me tell ya.
food: i also LOVE disney food. i swear everything tastes better inside those gates. my number one rule going to disneyland, you must, i repeat, MUST get the frozen apple juice. there’s also frozen lemonade, but the apple juice is a zillion times better. trust me. for some reason these drinks get over looked, everyone just wants a churro or some dole-whip (don’t get me wrong though you should DEFINITELY get those too) but they don’t know what they’re missing out on. also, do. not. leave. unless you have gotten a pickle. i stinkin’ love those things. okay, and let’s not forget the perfect snack to watch the fireworks with, the popcorn! it’s another type of amazing. you can also buy the collectable containers + get cheap refills. there are quite a few options if you’re gluten free (like me), some of the stores have gf treats and Jolly Holiday Bakery has gluten free buns!
rides: okay don’t laugh, but, i once got SOAKED on the matterhorn ride. like, completely dripping wet. it doesn’t happen often but don’t say i didn’t warn you. if you just want to ride the ride, and don’t care too much about sitting with your friends, i highly suggest single-rider lines. you pretty much split your wait time in half, and sometimes they even let you sit with someone in your party. always always always get fast passes. the quickest fast pass lines (in my opinion) are: indiana jones, space mountain (sometimes), pirates, and matterhorn. if you’re feeling tired of walking but don’t want to just sit and people watch, go on the little kid rides! they are actually really fun, and a nice little break. don’t forget about the monsters inc. ride. it’s kind of tucked back in an odd spot in california adventure. it’s super cute and rarely has a line!
other: if you buy a balloon in the park and it pops while you’re there, they’ll replace it for free! walk up to any place that sells food, and ask for a cup of water. they legally have to give it to you, and it’ll be nice and cold and refreshing. oh and don’t forget where you parked your car! you don’t want to get lost in that parking garage. it’s no fun, trust me, i know from experience.

i love mountains

September 6, 2016

i sure do. and moving to the beach has really shown me how much. i miss them a lot. but, this is a fun season in my life that i will remember forever. and i will be back in the mountains soon enough, just not the same ones as before.

koozie/ mile high clothing 

river trip!

August 20, 2016

last week we went to the river to celebrate these two girls birthdays and spent some quality time with jolie before she left to start her new journey in montana. i already miss her tons but i know she is going to have such a great adventure. it was a nice last hurrah before i start back to work on monday. so many memories have been made here, the river will forever be my favorite place.

salvation mountain + ace hotel palm springs!

March 24, 2016

first off, i apologize in advance for all the pictures in this post. but i narrowed it down as much as i could. really. also, can you say awkward fake laughing? haha! anyways, we started out this journey by driving through joshua tree and stopping by sky village swamp meet. it was pretty big and fun to look around. then on the way out to palm springs we decided to take a little detour and head over to salvation mountain. along the side of the (longest) road (ever), we found this huge palm tree garden (or at least that’s what i called it), so naturally we had to pull over and frolic through it. after salvation mountain (it was sooo hot there, we were dying), we headed over to the ace hotel, we had the cutest room ever with a balcony and a fire place. heart eyes for days. we ordered pizza for dinner and roasted marshmallows, then had a dance party and took a late night swim. the next morning we all road bikes to get acai bowls for breakfast then came back and laid by the pool for the rest of the day. it was a quick trip but one to remember forever. a road trip with all my best friends? nothing could be better. #tribe217 continue reading


November 20, 2015

i don’t know about you, but i love flying. i mean, could do without the awful butterflies the take off gives me, but other than that it’s one of my favorite things to do. there’s something about being up thousands of feet in the air with a group of people you don’t know, all traveling for different reasons, coming from different places, each one with a story to tell. i think it’s one of the coolest experiences. flying above all the busyness below, different states, different cities, different towns, all going about their lives. i always feel the most relaxed when i’m on an airplane. you can’t go anywhere or do anything but sit there, no household chores to worry about, no errands to run, no phone calls to make. just sit there and enjoy the ride. for some reason i am lucky enough to witness the most hilarious every single time i’m in an airport. last year there was a lady getting off the plane we were about to board yelling “i didn’t smoke in the bathroom!” she was screaming, cursing, and trying to hit the security guard that was putting her in handcuffs. i had never seen anything like it before. apparently she smoked something illegal in the restroom on the plane, and caused a huge scene that made all the passengers uncomfortable. it was a sight to see i’ll tell you that much. it took five officers to carry her away! i thought experiencing a crazy lady was a once in a life time thing, but boy was i wrong. in the terminal waiting to board our flight home from atlanta, this wanna be flight attendant started ordering us around and telling us to line up to get on the plane. the people who worked there got on the load speaker and assured us that it was not time to board yet and they would let us know when it was. this lady was a persistent little thing, and continued to tell us to “check your boarding passes, and line up in numerical order!” “what time does your phones say? this flight leaves at exactly 9:05, we need to get on the plane people!”. she was nuts i tell ya. a manager came up to her and asked her nicely to stop confusing everyone, she pushed him back and then they called security then she got arrested too! we all got a huge kick out of it. airports are seriously the best for people watching. there was also a cat loose on our flight for like thirty minutes. i don’t even know how that happened. i guess these memorable moments are another reason i love to fly. i’m currently thinking about where my next flight will take me.


day dreaming

November 10, 2015

sometimes you just gotta drive and drive until you can’t go any further and then take pictures in the middle of the road. i’m telling you, it’s good for the soul. the mountains are my favorite this time of year, i want to spend every moment i can exploring them. actually, i just want to spend every moment exploring. my life’s dream is to travel around the united states campsite to campsite, with my (future) husband + children. seeing all the beautiful things the world has to offer. then eventually settling down in a wooden, creaky floored old farm house with a front porch and a pile of muddy shoes by the screen door. big yard full to the brim of pine trees, and a large kitchen for dance parties and late night pancakes. what do you day dream about?

and we’re off

November 7, 2015

my best friend and i are off to georgia to visit her brother, sisiter in law, and niece. these are pictures from when we went last year, i’ve been looking through all of them and i just can’t wait to land and get this trip started. georgia is so, so beautiful in the fall. i’ve been keeping it on the down low, but there may be a plan in the works to move here in the (nearish) future. i’ve been asking God to show me where He wants me, we’ll see how I feel after this trip!

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we’ll party all the way to the river bank

November 5, 2015

every single year of my life i have stayed at the river at least once, and a majority of those stays have been at echo lodge. i know the campground like the back of my hand and have loads and loads of memories of this place that not much could beat. a part of me grew up here at the river and it will forever be one of my favorite vacation spots and last weekend just proved why i love it here. my family’s motto is “there’s never a dull moment”, i laugh every time i think about how true that statement is. on this trip alone we survived a wind storm, were attacked by a bird, and my mom flew six feet in the air off a tube and landed face first on the water (she is okay and wins for the best wipe out ever). oh yeah, and we made a ton of donkey friends. i made the mistake of feeding one right outside our motor-home, and each night he came back wanting more and was pretty persistent about it. he was just too cute i couldn’t say no. there’s usually a few donkey sightings each trip but it has never been like this, at one point we were face to face with thirteen at once! they are super friendly though and let you pet them, i’m pretty bummed i didn’t get to ride one though. i’m in love with every type of tree there is, but pine trees and palm trees are at the very top of my list, lucky for me the palm tree game at the river is strong. recently i’ve made it a tradition to strike a pose along side one. don’t act like you don’t do it too. i think this is the most normal one i’ve taken yet.yo-ho, yo-ho, a pirates life for me. since our old favorite food place closed down, we had to find a new lunch spot along the river.¬† i’ve eaten here about seven or eight times, and i can still never remember if it’s called pirates den, or pirates cove. either way they have funny tasting water but the most delicious fries you’ve ever tasted, and the burgers are really good too. sick of palm tree photos yet? nope? good. this was otis’ first ever trip out to the river, and he drove those two hundred plus miles like a champ. on our way home, sammi and i drove through the middle of the night, we were kept awake by gas station coffee and christmas music (halloween is over guys, time to break out those christmas decorations).