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sunday best

August 6, 2017

happy sunday! church was so encouraging today, made me so happy to be a follower of God. i know He has great plans for me, and i’m excited to see all the ways He is going to use me. “my sheep hear my voice, i know them and they follow me” john 10:27 i am so proud and thankful to be one of His sheep. sunglasses || dress || shoes

sunday best

January 9, 2017

sundays are my favorite days, slow and relaxing. i like to spend them catching up on reading, journaling, or just anything that i wasn’t able to get done during the week. sometimes lazy days are good for the soul. plus, a sunday well spent really does bring a week of content.                                  jeans// levis  shirt// american eagle flannel// nectar

happy fourth of july!

July 4, 2016

happy fourth of july! i am currently out at lake mead with friends soaking up all the sun i can get and spending time with some of my favorite people before we all go our separate ways next month. cheers to a great weekend!!

4th of july outfit

June 29, 2016

um, first, how did july get here so quick!? i am pretty sure this year is flying by quicker than last year. anyway, next to christmas, 4th of july is my favorite holiday (it may or may not be the reason my jeep is red, so it can be festive for both)! for the past few years i have gone out to lake mead with some family friends, we take the boat out, barbecue, play corn hole, and let off our own fireworks, it’s tons of fun! my nonna would be very proud of this outfit, levi shorts, bruce springsteen (her favorite singer ever) on my shirt, and a kimono. she was a hippie for years and some of that flower child gene was definitely passed down to me.

shorts// levis
shirt// forever 21
kimono// cotton on (but! i can’t find it!)

sunday best + sending my roomie off to haiti

June 19, 2016

on tuesday this one (along with four others who are near and dear to me) got on a plane to spread God’s love to the people in Haiti. i am so proud of her and can’t wait to hear about how the Lord used her on this trip. my outfit|
bandana// both are from target
shirt// top knot goods
leggins// old navy
shoes// target
sunglasses// cotton on

chloe’s outfit|
shirt// cotton on (sold out)
leggings// lululemon
shoes// birkenstocks
sunglassess// urban outfitters

and our bracelets are puravida!

side of the road sunset

June 8, 2016

you know you are true friends when the first time you hung out you got in a little fender bender on the freeway and had to calm each other down, you’ve survived countless boring staff meetings (and been yelled at, at a few), and gone on so many spur of the moment adventures together. oh and ’cause of that one time i waited with her until her husband got home so she wouldn’t have to sleep on the front porch (like she was going to) because she was locked out of her house. but seriously, she calls me up and decides we are going to drive to the middle of nowhere, with no service, to take sunset pictures on the side of a road.. how could i say no to that!?my outfit|
shirt// cotton on
shorts// forever 21
hat// target
boots// boot barn
necklace// forever 21

meg’s outfit|
dress(old)// target(similar)
jacket// forever 21
hat// urban(sold out) (super similar one from target)

sunday best

May 29, 2016

whoops, caught snapchatting (hawkeysamantha).

cactus tattoo!

May 26, 2016

whoops, got a tattoo last week! i am so obsessed with it.

sunday best

May 8, 2016

happy sunday! i’ve still got no voice but i’m not gonna let that stop me. hope you’re all having a nice weekend.                                                shirt | jeans | shoes | flannel(old) | beanie