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where otis goes

November 6, 2017

NOTHING (except maybe Christmas) beats driving through the mountains on a 60 degree fall day. i wish that fall lasted longer than just a month.. the leaves all fall too quick it’s hard to find time to enjoy it all. but i’m just thankful that i get to witness seasons like this. especially because some states skipped fall and went right to winter. speaking of which, i’m going to Montana to visit my friend jolie this weekend and I AM SO EXCITED! i just checked the weather and the high is 33 degrees and there is snow in the forecast each day that i’m there. i’m 100% going to freeze but it’s fine. good thing i just bought this carhartt. 

where otis goes

September 12, 2017

i have been real into podcasts lately, they’re pretty much all i listen to these days. especially on long drives, they just seem to make the time go by a lot quicker. i’ve accumulated quite a bit of favorites, so i thought i’d share them with you.


the goal digger podcast with jenna kutcher

how i built this

the lively show

stuff you should know


the dirtbag diaries

zero to travel

outside podcast

sounds of the trail


off the vine with kaitlyn bristowe

munchin with mogals

ben & ashley i’s almost famous podcast

beautiful stories from anonymous people

happy birthday, otis!

July 29, 2017

not sure how i forgot to make a post about my jeep’s birthday, but i did and i’m ashamed. good thing otis can’t read my blog 😉 this beauty has been my adventure pal for two years now! countless jeep waves, tons of dirt road excursions, and so many late night drives with my favorite people. best purchase of my life by far. can’t wait for all the future adventures these wheels will take me on.

where otis goes

April 5, 2017

i always say spring is my least favorite season, but every time it comes around i question why i say that. i love when it starts to stay lighter later, and it makes me so happy to see all the flowers blooming everywhere. my happy place is in the car, with my windows down and the radio up.

jeep adventures

December 27, 2016

chloe and i are home for christmas and friends of ours came up to adventure around in the snow. we piled into my dad’s and shane’s jeeps and went on a little drive through the mountains, it was a blast and we only got stuck once. sometimes we get so caught up in living life, needing to be places, making all ends meet all the time.. and it can just get overwhelming and exhausting. all growing up my life was spent going on countless camping trips, tons of off-road excursions and doing things that just sort of distance ourselves from the business of the world..  and honestly, to me, there is nothing more important. yesterday when we were driving around, so many memories filled my mind, and i remembered why i have such an adventurous soul. days like this are so special to me because in the end, these are going to be the moments i remember and cherish forever.
my dad: “guys go fall back into the snow and i’ll take your picture”

where otis goes

August 23, 2016

i think i might have said this before, but my jeep is hands down the best thing i’ve ever purchased. i’ve only had it a year and it’s taken me on so many adventures.. i’ve given hundreds of jeep waves, gone through every muddy puddle, and drove on so many roads with the windows down and the radio up. you don’t know that feeling until you’ve ridden in a jeep, let me tell ya.

where otis goes

May 5, 2016

i took my dog for a little drive the other day. he loved it so much he didn’t want to get out of my jeep when we got home. as i drove around, i thought about an upcoming change of scenery for me.. come summer i’m going to be trading pines for palms. i’m super excited about it though, cause no matter what, the mountains will always be my home. my go to, favorite songs//
always the love songs – eli young band
we rode in trucks -luke bryan
this i gotta see -jason aldean
neon -chris young
one piece at a time -johnny cash
strawberry wine -deana carter
mandolin rain -josh kelley

where otis goes

November 23, 2015

i never knew it was possible to miss a vehicle, but i’m sure happy to be back home with my jeep. otis is going to go on his first desert trip this week, he and i are both pretty excited about it. when i was younger (okay and still now) every time i got in the car i would ask “can you turn the radio on??” my parents would always say “wait until we at least leave the driveway samantha.” i couldn’t help it, i just really love music, or maybe i just hate the silence. probably both. ever since i got my first car almost six years ago the simple freedom of choosing what plays on my radio has been one of my favorite things. my music of choice lately has been christmas music. especially on colder days i can’t help but play it, it’s just so comforting. i also may or may not have decorated for christmas already. this time of year flies by so quick i want to make sure i get the most out of it. what are your favorite christmas songs?

my chirstmas playlist//
cold december night & it’s beginning to look a lot like chirstmas -michael buble
merry chirstmas, happy holidays -nsync
so, santa & all i want for christmas is you – dave barnes
rockin’ around the chirstmas tree – toby keith
the chirstmas song -nat king cole
silver bells & christmas in the sand – colbie caillat
home -blake shelton & michael buble
santa claus is coming to town – frank sinatra
santa looked a lot like daddy – brad paisley
white christmas – blake shelton
you’re a mean one, mr. grinch – jim carrey
this christmas -lady antebellum
let it be christmas -alan jackson
winter wonderland -james taylor
baby it’s cold outside -dean martin

where otis goes

September 16, 2015

my friend sammi and i took otis out for a drive the other evening, and the sunset was so beautiful! everything had a pretty orange glow and we couldn’t stop taking pictures of it. i don’t know if i’ve mentioned it before, but i’m a huge country music fan. all the presets in my jeep are country stations, and i’ve been to countless country concerts. it’s all i grew up listening to it and somehow it’s just really comforting to me. ever since getting a jeep i’ve become even more obsessed with driving around with the windows down and the radio up. don’t worry though, i listen to other music too, country is just always my first jeep ride playlist|

chicks dig it// chris cagle
burning house// cam
fire// brett eldredge
two lanes of freedom// tim mcgraw
let me see you girl// cole swindell
hold you to it// chris young
just getting started// blake shelton
picking wild flowers// keith anderson
pickup man// joe diffie
stay a little longer// brothers osborne
keepin it country// jake owen
raised on it// sam hunt
front porch junkies// thomas rhett
should’ve been a cowboy// toby keith