charlotte north carolina

March 16, 2016

you probably thought this post was going to be about the state, ha! psych! one morning, nine years ago, we were eating breakfast and my dad tossed the ad section of the newspaper toward us and said “wanna go get a great dane puppy today?” we looked at each other and thought he was joking, which he actually might have been but my mom jumped up, grabbed the phone and gave the people a call. next thing i knew we were piled into my dad’s truck on our way to go get a new dog! we picked her out, she was speckled gray and black, and soo cute. and i know it’s hard to believe but, she was actually pretty small. the whole ride home we tried to pick a name for our new member of the family (you should have heard some of the suggestions), then at a stop light my dad turned to the dog who was in my mom’s lap and said “hello charlotte” and then that was it. her name was charlotte. you see my dad always said that if my parents ever had another girl her name would be charlotte north carolina, i’m not sure why, he’s never even been there.. haha! but it was such a perfect fit for this long legged clumsy pup. flash forward, and it’s now time to say goodbye to this sweet girl. my parent’s warned us all along that great danes don’t usually live as long as other dogs, but that still doesn’t make this any easier. i’ll miss shocking people with her size, her sitting on my lap (yeah, hard to picture right? she’s more a lap dog than any other dog we’ve had.. and once she slept in bed with me, stretched her legs out and pushed me off!), cuddling with her, and watching her prance around when she got excited. she is a dog i will never forget.