chilly evenings

November 4, 2016

i was feeling homesick last week, so i drove up one evening and spent the weekend in the mountains. i always heard the saying, ‘you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone’, but i never experienced it first hand until now. i miss being surrounded by pine trees, SO MUCH. don’t get me wrong, i’m happy i moved, this time living in orange county is going to be something i look back on, thankful that i took this leap of faith. “Jesus replied ‘you don’t understand now what i am doing, but someday you will.'” john 13:7 this verse has comforted me lately, i don’t really know the reason i moved here, but there’s something exciting about knowing God is working in me, even if i don’t see it. every time i come home, as much as i miss this place, i could never see myself moving back here. i’ve outgrown this town. come next year though, you’ll catch me back in the mountains just hopefully the ones a different state.

One thought on “chilly evenings

  1. Deborah

    That Scripture is a good one Can’t wait till I get to it in my BSF.
    I am excited for you as well with all that God is doing !

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