coffee conversations

May 2, 2016

hello! did ya miss me? okay first off, how is it may already!? i don’t know either, but i’m glad it’s here. these last two months have been a pretty rough to say the least, and to top it all off i currently have no voice (a girl in my class asked me if i swallowed it haha!). but! we are all pulling through. one of my best friends sent me this verse the other day, and it couldn’t be more perfect, “the Lord is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble.” psalm 9:9 i’m so thankful for those words. anyway, on to a lighter note, i only have about twenty something more work days left until summer! which is actually sort of bittersweet because i’m not returning next school year, but that’s only because bigger and better things are on the horizon and i just can’t wait! i’m also so ready for summer concerts, river trips, bonfires, late night adventures, and so much more.. it just can’t come soon enough. the rest of this year is going to be great i just know it. starting this month my friend chloe and i are going to try and eat really healthy, cut certain things out of our diet and do sort of a cleanse right before summer. i don’t think we know what we’re getting ourselves into, ha! but it’ll be good for us. i’ll try and write a post about how it goes! i’m hoping it will help me finally kick this bug i’ve been fighting for over a week now. i’m also (i think i’m) going to go blonde in the next couple months and i think it’ll be fun. but it also scares me a tiny bit. i took my best friend/sister’s senior pictures this weekend and i’m sitting here while they upload, dying at how beautiful she looks. i can’t believe she’s graduating. the weather has been a tad ridiculous lately, one day it’s nice and sunny, and the next we get this snow/hail/slush stuff that falls from the sky. it’s really annoying. don’t get me wrong, i love when it’s cold and snowy.. but in the winter! like i said i’m ready for summer. right now it’s currently raining though, and i don’t mind it one bit. i’m all cozy in pajamas with music playing and essential oils diffusing. i needed this day to get back on track.