coffee conversations

March 14, 2016

i haven’t been around on here in a little while. not because i don’t want to be, but because i’ve been needing to just let myself relax and spend time being in the moment.. not worrying about coming up with a blog post idea. i’ve been stocking up on them though, and i’m about to come (back) at you in full force. it’s okay, i know you’re excited, so am i. but let’s get into the real point of this post.. i’ve had a pen pal for the past eleven years, and i always wish that i would write my blog posts as if i’m writing to her. my letters just always seem to flow so well and they are one hundred percent real. so, i decided, why not make it a thing to sit down at least once or twice a month and write as if i’m just chatting with a friend over coffee. share stories and talk about what’s going on in my life, whether it’s good or bad.
^I held my breath taking this photo. i would have cried for twenty five days if that coffee spilled. i just got that marble case for my phone and i’m so in love with it. i also may have gotten a marble case for my laptop too. it’s kinda funny that marble is such a thing right now, it’s a design for a counter top. but who really cares? oh, i’m on my spring break this week! (can i get a hallelujah??) i’m so excited to do literally nothing for five days straight. i wish the weather felt spring-like though. we got snow on friday and it’s still been sort of chilly. i’m just really ready for river trips and sunshine. i’ve been wearing sandals(birkenstocks) pretending it’s warm, except.. i’ve been wearing socks with them… my mom is embarrassed to go anywhere with me when i wear them. haha! i just learned (for the most part) how to fully take photos with my camera on manual! i’m still not as quick with changing the settings as i’d like, but i’m so proud of myself. it’s a lot harder to figure out than you think. right now i’m currently on my third cup of coffee. i remember the days i used to swear that i would never drink it, now i can’t go a day without having it. have you ever tried lavender coffee? so. good. find some. speaking of lavender, i’m so obsessed with it. i have it defusing in my room right now. i just recently found a recipe for lavender lemonade and i really want to try it. dang now i want warmer weather even more. laying in the sun drinking lavender lemonade. then again, as much as that sounds amazing, i’m still always caught between wanting summer, and wanting christmas. it’s an on going struggle and i’m constantly wanting the opposite season. oh, not sure how this popped into my head, but gilmore girls. i’m so excited for the revival i can hardly sit still thinking about it. i’ve probably seen every episode over twenty times, i’ve been dreaming of this reunion since the day the show ended. i’m planning on having a gilmore girls party when the show comes back, complete with coffee, junk food, fast talking, and all my closest friends. —— while we are on the topic of closest friends, last thursday was one of the scariest moments of my life. my best friend sammi was hit by a semi truck on her way to work. it was a really bad accident but she was able to walk away (banged, bruised, and very sore) from it. i had never experienced something so scary, and the stress of trying to make my way to the accident (while being stuck in traffic!) is a feeling i wouldn’t wish on anyone. i’m just so beyond thankful she is okay. you hear about things like that happening, but when it’s someone close to you it makes it so much more real. —– on a bit of a (random-er) happier note, my jeep got a (much needed) bath yesterday! i may or may not have driven through some muddy puddles the other day. they are just too hard to resist. i can’t wait to take the top off my jeep this summer and drive around. but i’ll probably be over that jeep hair real quick. i’m babysitting this morning and Rivers’ said “watch me do a magic trick” then he took off his shirt, turned it inside out, and then put it back on. “tada!” so cool man, so cool. tomorrow’s blog post i’m sharing funny things my preschool class says. hopefully i’m not the only one who thinks it’s funny. well, i’m not sure how to end one of these posts. i usually end my letters saying “miss ya!” and then sign my name.. we’ll work on it.. xo.

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  1. Nonna

    Love’s how you talk….Love you too !!!
    Yes, and I never thought you would drink coffee…LOL
    I am getting to like lavender more…love the bush but the smell was just ok…now I use lavender oil…..and I have to paint lavender flowers on some bags for the Lavender Spa retreat Hillside is having in May….i do like the color of the flowers, too…so I am becoming a fan…never surpass roses and freesias and sweet peas..and jasmine and gardenias…and pansies …and ……I guess that’s it for now….am going to buy another rock rose for the front yard…they are a great high desert plant…envious you are going to be living ” in the green belt”…..*sigh* Cheryl has a herb garden…mine would blow away… *sigh*….

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