crafternoons: flower crowns.

May 12, 2014

I have an obsession with flowers. I get it from my mom. she grew up a hippie, so naturally some of that rubbed off on me, and I can’t say I hate it. I made a couple flower crowns and I already can’t wait to go buy more flowers to make one in every color. I hope these never go out of style. 
what you’ll need:
•flowers (I got mine from michael’s, you don’t need that much a little seems to go a long way.)
•stretchy headband
•hot glue gun
the making of the crowns is pretty easy and self explanatory but I have a few helpful tips:
•take the flowers apart, cut the stem right underneath the flower and the layers will start coming off, you can layer them with other sizes and colors. also, use the leaves! 
•make sure you stretch the headband out as you make it, or else the crown will be too tight for your head at the end. 
•I’m a perfectionist, the first crown I made, I tried to somewhat make a pattern and I focused too much on making it even. but the flowers look best (in my opinion) when they are randomly placed. so have fun and don’t worry too much.