July 18, 2015

my friend jolie and i were feeling a little crafty over the weekend, so we decided to run to michaels to see what inspired us. her and i both have such a hard time keeping plants alive, so we wanted to figure out a way to incorporate greenery into our rooms without having to remember to water them. we brainstormed and i really like what we came up with.we started out with some scrap wood my dad had, cut them into the size we wanted, and sanded them down so they were ready to be stained.minwax is my dad’s favorite stain, it works really well and dries fast, which i like because i don’t like having to wait during my projects. after the stain had settled into the wood we measured the ends of the succulents to see how big of a hole we needed to drill. it’ll vary with whatever plant you chose to work with.once you have the right size, place them in the whole, mine stuck out the other side, but i just clipped them off with some wire cutters. after that i hot glued them in to place.and it was that simple. jolie made one herself, but painted her block a red/orange color (the left over paint from this wall), and i love the way it turned out. she also put together a quick wall hang with some scrap wood and a small milk bottle. we are very proud of our projects. don’t forget to sign and date the back (if you can), it’s always fun to look back on when you made it. happy crafting!