disney days

April 7, 2017

i can’t even count on my fingers + toes how many times i’ve been to disneyland. i’m not one of those crazy people who go six times a week but i try to go as often as i can. i wouldn’t say i’m a disney expert or anything, but i do know where every bathroom is located. that’s an important thing to know let me tell ya.
food: i also LOVE disney food. i swear everything tastes better inside those gates. my number one rule going to disneyland, you must, i repeat, MUST get the frozen apple juice. there’s also frozen lemonade, but the apple juice is a zillion times better. trust me. for some reason these drinks get over looked, everyone just wants a churro or some dole-whip (don’t get me wrong though you should DEFINITELY get those too) but they don’t know what they’re missing out on. also, do. not. leave. unless you have gotten a pickle. i stinkin’ love those things. okay, and let’s not forget the perfect snack to watch the fireworks with, the popcorn! it’s another type of amazing. you can also buy the collectable containers + get cheap refills. there are quite a few options if you’re gluten free (like me), some of the stores have gf treats and Jolly Holiday Bakery has gluten free buns!
rides: okay don’t laugh, but, i once got SOAKED on the matterhorn ride. like, completely dripping wet. it doesn’t happen often but don’t say i didn’t warn you. if you just want to ride the ride, and don’t care too much about sitting with your friends, i highly suggest single-rider lines. you pretty much split your wait time in half, and sometimes they even let you sit with someone in your party. always always always get fast passes. the quickest fast pass lines (in my opinion) are: indiana jones, space mountain (sometimes), pirates, and matterhorn. if you’re feeling tired of walking but don’t want to just sit and people watch, go on the little kid rides! they are actually really fun, and a nice little break. don’t forget about the monsters inc. ride. it’s kind of tucked back in an odd spot in california adventure. it’s super cute and rarely has a line!
other: if you buy a balloon in the park and it pops while you’re there, they’ll replace it for free! walk up to any place that sells food, and ask for a cup of water. they legally have to give it to you, and it’ll be nice and cold and refreshing. oh and don’t forget where you parked your car! you don’t want to get lost in that parking garage. it’s no fun, trust me, i know from experience.

5 thoughts on “disney days

  1. Laura Hoglin

    I LOVE Disneyland!!!!!! Never had the frozen apple juice! I miss their corn dogs and the teryaki bbq on a stick place by Jungle Cruise. We had some really good food once at a place at the west end of CA Adventures, across from the big swings–somewhere around there. Around 15 or so years ago they decided to make all their food restaurant quality, I think they’ve done a great job!

    I want to get passes this year, but probably have to wait ’til next.

    1. samantha Post author

      Me too!! Their food has definitely gotten better over the years. Passes are SO EXPENSIVE it’s ridiculous. But they are worth it if you can go a lot!!

  2. Bailey

    I haven’t been to Disney in forever! I don’t even think there was a monsters inc ride last time I was there. haha

    Also I love your pics (even tho there is only two. More please! haha)! The composition is wonderful!

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