diy// gold refrigerator magnets

January 18, 2016

i found this idea on pinterest about a year ago and i’m just getting around to doing it, i can’t believe i waited this long. the whole project took under an hour (including dry time), and they couldn’t have turned out any better.

what you’ll need//
alphabet magnets
gold (or any color you want!) spray paint
and that’s it!

step one// find a place to spread out the letters. i laid out some brown paper on a piece of plywood in my yard.
step two// you’ll need to spray them in layers, at first it’ll look like the paint isn’t sticking, but after about the third coat they’ll look like you bought them this way. oh, and make sure you get all angles (or not, cause i did like them with a little bit of color showing). also, be sure to use the spray paint in a ventilated area. step three// and you’re done! just let them dry. mine took about a half hour. seriously just about the easiest thing i’ve ever done.