dreaming of the future.

September 3, 2014

when I was little I used to lay on our trampoline, stare up at our “big tree” and dream about my future. although some of my dreams and hopes for the future have become a little more realistic as I’ve gotten older, those day dreams my seven year old self had are still the same things floating in my head as a twenty one year old. one of my favorite things to picture was my future home, an old farm house with squeaky floor boards, a front porch with mine and my husbands (& our children’s) muddy boots by the screen door, a big yard where I can plant a big garden, a pretty hand built barn with an american flag on the side of it, horses and maybe some chickens roaming around, and a tractor sitting somewhere in the front yard. inside there would be big windows all around, my kids drawings framed on the walls, a cozy fire place to sit by in the winter, and a large kitchen where my family will always love to spend there time laughing, dancing barefoot, and making breakfast for dinner. daily I sit and think of these things, I’ve dreamt about them so much it almost feels real. I can’t wait to one day make this become a reality and find someone who will live out all my dreams with me (and add theirs to the mix). last week I was house sitting for some family friends who have horses, I sat with them for a few hours longing for a ranch of my own, days like that are when I’m at my happiest. I’m excited to work hard to have the life I’ve always imagined.