fall campfires

October 26, 2015

most of my fondest memories have happened around a camp fire. trying to roast the perfect marshmallow, telling and listening to all sorts of stories, making plans, sharing secrets, playing catch phrase, having m&m wars, burning glow-sticks, and just loads and loads of laughter. i may or may not have even fallen asleep by the fire just listening to my loved ones conversations. whether on vacation or in our front yard a year hasn’t gone by without spending quality time around the fire pit.  just last night we bundled up in blankets (cause apparently you can even get cold sitting by a fire..) and brought a little tv monitor outside and watched a movie while eating s’mores and joking about how we are going to handle when it actually get’s cold. memories like that will stick with me forever.we get so many questions about our fire pit, asking where we got it. it’s actually the inside of a washing machine! my dad screwed some metal pegs onto the bottom so it would stand off the ground a bit, and that’s all! super easy. then all you need are marshmallows and (i just discovered) this skewer and you’re set for a perfect fall night.