first day of spring.

March 22, 2014

so let me just tell you about my day yesterday. I went with chase and my brother(zack) to the (dirt bike) track. we got there around ten or so, they unloaded their dirt bikes and got ready. chase has been riding tracks since he was little, but this was zack’s first time (at the track). we made our way over to where they ride, and I took a seat at these small wooden bleachers so I could watch and take pictures. given my brothers history with not having the best luck we joked around with him saying that if he gets hurt today, we’ll have to lock him in the house for the rest of his life (knock on wood). I watched them ride a couple (two) laps around the track, then I noticed a man waving a yellow flag and running toward something (something that I couldn’t see because there was a jump obstructing my view). I scanned all the other riders looking for either of them, “nope, nope.. ah man.” chase rode up to me shaking his head “it’s zack, he busted his leg.. he says it’s broken.”  I called my mom and gave her the bad news. she thought I was kidding, nope sorry mom. I walked out on the track and saw my brother is still laying on the ground, an off road medic vehicle came over, helped him up and brought him over to our car. he was in so much pain. my big sister heart was hurting. we loaded up our things (and him) into the car and drove to the hospital. the road felt more bumpy than normal because I didn’t want it to be. thank goodness we were in the same city as our doctor/hospital so it only took us about fifteen minutes.

we got called back pretty fast. zack was still in his riding boots, I was scared for the moment they take it off. I’m sure he was too. a nurse took us back to the smallest room and after a long while, someone came over to take his boot off. “ahh, it feels like you’re pulling my leg off.” gag me. poor thing, at this moment it’s taking everything in me not to hide around the corner, i hate stuff like this. the nurse finally gets the boot off (without giving him pain meds first mind you.) now he’s in even more pain, the boot worked as a cast almost. zack’s being all strong, I’d be crying like a baby. after what seemed like forever a nurse came and rolled my brother to go get x-rays. i fill out all these papers, and wait and wait. a half hour goes by still no x-rays. then my mom showed up. hallelujah. x-rays proved it, he snapped both bones in the lower part of his leg. he needs surgery. again (back in september he snapped both lower bones in his arm). but it won’t happen for a few days. so they give him pain meds (finally), put a full leg splint on him and sent him home. now we wait. zack is a tough one that’s for sure, an unlucky one, but still tough. it made for one exciting day.

(an update on my brother, he ended up getting an infection in his leg. a really bad one. turns out his bone tried to come through his skin but only poked a small hole. the doctors and nurses at the ER failed to notice that little detail and didn’t clean his leg at all, which resulted in infection. he was admitted to the hospital on 3/25 and is still there as of 3/31. he hopefully will be getting surgery tomorrow evening and then come home the following day. fingers crossed. its been quite the week.)