July 27, 2014

I was really missing my family over on the east coast, so I called my aunt one day and told her I’m coming to visit! & that’s just what I did. we didn’t do too much but it was nice just being in the same room as them. it’s hard having family so far away. but I’m thankful for the chance go to Florida to see them.

made it.
the weather there is my favorite, sunny one minute then raining the next, it’s wonderful.
I was missing the little boys I nanny. one of the nice things about today’s technology.
I drove over to fort myers to visit another cousin for a few days.
sad to say goodbye.
in the middle of my stay my grandma (nonna) came to visit as well. it was a fun treat. 
I miss these sweet kids already. 
and my twin. (& my uncle who hates getting his picture taken.) I can’t wait to go back.