fourth of july

July 13, 2015

it’s been over a week and i still haven’t shared photos from my vacation, these past few days were spent enjoying good times with family, and friends. i took a whole five pictures on our fourth of july trip to lake mead, and i’m really not even sorry about it. i’m always the one with a camera/iphone in hand trying to capture a photo of everything, but it was nice to sit back and really enjoy each moment. the trip was relaxing and filled with all sorts of excitement, with a group like the one i was with, there’s never a dull moment. from being stranded at a gas station, being tossed off seadoos, losing pants in the hotel, talking about our times back in Nam, to having fireworks aimed at you, swollen ankles, and lots of eye rolling, making memories to last a life time. somebody told me the other day “the oddest things seem happen to you, your life just always seems so fun, you should write a blog.” i didn’t realize that people were actually that entertained with the stories i told, i would have to agree though, i couldn’t make up the things that happen to me if i tried, i just never thought about sharing them on here. i always figured people would get bored with my stories, which maybe some will, but why have a blog if you’re not going to share everything, even the crazy. so be on the lookout for more real life happenings.