ghost of halloween’s past

October 10, 2017

2014| this year we forced my brother & the kids we babysat to dress up with us. our original idea was to be the lost boys from peter pan but somehow it turned into this instead, which i’m not upset about. we got tons of compliments on them which made us really proud cause we made/threw together these costumes with things we had laying around the house. this was one of my favorite halloweens, we took them trick or treating in a golf cart, our little fox lost her tail, i’m pretty sure i tripped and fell in someone’s front yard, such a fun night! plus, it was just absolutely FREEZING and eventually started snowing on us!2015|this year we decided to go to the river last minute. best decision ever made if i’m being honest. we had no intentions of dressing up but packed some cat ears just in case. couldn’t just let them go to waste. + + i found this palm leaf and started running around like a witch with a broom, 97 failed pictures later we got this gem. it’s still to this day one of my grandma’s favorite pictures of me.2016| i have to say that last year was my favorite when it comes to halloween costumes & festivities. although, we’ve been planning this year’s costume since july and i’m SO excited about it coming to life. but, sammi and i have called ourselves thelma and louise since carrie underwood and miranda lambert’s song, “something bad” came out. so it was only a matter of time that we dressed up like them for halloween. another diy costume that we put together with stuff we already had!+ this year sammi also painted my face like a skeleton. these photos will forever be some of my FAVORITE photos ever. the lighting & weather that day was just too perfect, i can’t get over how good they turned out!i seriously get so giddy and happy looking back at photos from past autumns. i love it so much and this year is going to be just as great! ugh, can’t it just be fall 93% of the time?? is that too much to ask!?

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