November 3, 2015

meow! i hope you all had a great halloween! usually mine is spent around the campfire with family and friends, and nine times out of ten it starts to snow! but this year we opted for the warmer option and headed out to the river. it was so nice, and since it was off season we pretty much had the place all to ourselves. it was a quick weekend because I had to be back at work early monday morning, but it was one for the books that’s for sure. i’ll share more about the rest of the trip soon.i took being a cat pretty seriously, i purred at just about everyone i passed, and answered every question with a meow. but it’s only halloween once a year so you have to play the part, right? ps. i’m really licking my hand in that picture..i couldn’t help but trade in my tail for a broom stick when i found a piece of fallen palm tree that conveniently resembled a broom. one perfectly timed photo and just like that i was a witch. drink up witches! cheers to the warmest halloween i’ve ever had. one more cause, meow.