happy canada day!

July 1, 2015

happy canada day! this is shannon(my very favorite canadian), when we were around twelve years old we became penpals, and still to this day we write back and forth as much as we can. together we’ve written over hundreds of letters, shared stories, troubles, boy problems, exciting times, we’ve sent pictures, gifts, and gave advice.. she’s like a diary that writes you back. it’s been wonderful having her through every big moment in my life over the past ten years. back in 2011(when this photo was taken), she came down to visit, and we got to met for the very first time! it was such a neat experience! she got to touch the ocean, see hollywood, go to disneyland, we celebrated canada day and the fourth of july, and she got to eat in n out for the first time! it’s such a neat and unique friendship, and her visit is something i will never forget. so today i celebrate canada day in honor of her.

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  1. Nonna

    I can’t believe it’s been going on that long ! I loved meeting her and am so glad to keep up on fb… She is the sweetest !!! Happy Canada Day !

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