December 1, 2017

happy december first guys! i’m going to pretend like my apartment hasn’t already been decorated for christmas for a month now. it’s fine. while i’m writing this, i’m currently on my second cup of coffee and third christmas movie of the day, and thanksgiving is next weekend..Ā  like i said, it’s fine. it’s just my favorite time of year and i can’t contain my excitement! this season flies by, i just want to make sure it lasts as long as possible. aaaanyways. here are a few of my christmas favorites!
the santa caluse (funny story, i was sick a lot as a child and the nurse had me name my IV to make it less scary, and i named it charlie after the kid in this movie)
12 dates of christmas (it’s on netflix and definitely watch this movie year round)
christmas vacation
home alone
the holiday (not totally a christmas movie, but i watch it every year around this time)

polar express (tom hanks’ character in this looks EXACTLY like my dad in cartoon form)
merry christmas & happy holidays by nsync (OBVIOUSLY)
glow by brett eldredge
rockin’ around the christmas tree by brenda lee (classic!)
under the weather by chris young
i pray on christmas by dave barnes
christmas eve by dave barnes
actually this whole album by dave barnes
winter wonderland by bing crosby
home by michael buble and blake shelton
it’s beginning to look a lot like christmas by perry como

putting the angel on top of the tree with my dad
having matching pajamas with my mom
waiting at the top of the stairs to go open presents with my brothers
collecting mistletoe with family & friends
going to this place and eating freshly made candy canes
watching the santa clause movies with our neighbors
driving around looking at christmas lights
going on snowy jeep rides
filling my parent’s stockings with their favorite things
wrapping gifts in the most creative ways
buying all the christmas decor at target

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