welcome 2016!

January 1, 2016

how is 2015 over already?? as sad as i am to see it go, i’m also so excited for 2016. i really feel like it’s going to be a great year. i decided to choose a word for this year, i thought about it a lot and liked the idea of the word, “new”. i want this new year to be full with new experiences, new adventures, new places. just loads of new. do you chose a word for the year? (how many times can i say year in this post?) do you make resolutions? my favorite thing is making resolutions. having a fresh start, full of new goals and ways to better myself. this year my list consists of//

01. eating breakfast. sounds silly, but i always rush out of the house for work and skip the “most important meal of the day”. not anymore though (hopefully).
02. i used to walk/run fourteen miles a week, aaaand i haven’t done that in months. here’s to starting back up again.
03. read more. i have so many books that i have yet to read, and so many more that i want to purchase.
04. bring my DSLR camera with me more places. i tend to just say, oh i have my phone with me, it’s okay. but i always end up bummed that my camera isn’t with me.
05. do new things. i’m such a creature of habit and tend to want things to go exactly as they did the year before. but this year i want to try all sorts of new.
06. get a tattoo. i will get one this year, i will, i will.
07. blog more. i really want to get more consistent with blogging since i love it so much.
08. eat better/be healthier. i’m sure that’s on everyone’s list but hey, it’s a good goal.
09. budget my money. i’m actually pretty good with my money. i’m more of a saver than a spender, however i think having a budget system in place would help me even more.
10. cook more meals. i really love to cook and bake, but my excuse is that i never have the right ingredients. i’m going to change that and actually go to the store and buy the stuff i need.

What are your resolutions?

2 thoughts on “welcome 2016!

  1. Nonna

    Those are great resolutions !! A couple of them are my favorites for you but you will have to guess…and I love the word for the year “new”…..mine is “contentment” …
    Couldn’t love you any more than I do !

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