hello there

March 22, 2015

 so lately I haven’t been the worst at keeping up with this blog, I’ve been busy, yes, but for some reason I got it into my head that this space had to be perfect. pretty pictures, grammatically correct paragraphs that show all the fun things in my life, which obviously isn’t bad, and I most likely won’t be sharing anything depressing and negative, but, my life isn’t fake. I don’t always take the prettiest pictures, and some days I just sit around in leggings watching gilmore girls while eating cheese its.  Edit   I’m awkward and I laugh in bad/uncomfortable situations. I over think every single thing in my life, down to posting a picture on instagram. I’m really bad at parking, I’m cranky in the morning and tonight I literally turned around in four circles because I forgot what I was doing. ferris wheels terrify the heck out of me, I have to triple check that my alarm is set to wake me up in the morning, and once I walked into a fence after telling someone I was smarter than them. social media makes you believe you have to look like these people or have lives like them, travel, make pretty crafts, be a snazzy photographer. you don’t. I mean you can if you want, if that’s what you’re passionate about, traveling, crafting, but you don’t have to be like everyone else. just be yourself and do things that make you happy. my blog (& Instagram) doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s, in fact it shouldn’t, because I’m not them. the more I try to be something I’m not or try to perfect something, the more I will get discouraged and not post at all. I don’t want that. so here’s to a new(ish) start. not worrying so much about everything.     I like to adventure and take (way too many) pictures. I like hiking, going to the river, and making lists. I spend ninety percent of my time around children and I’m not even a mom, but becoming a mom is what I’ve been dreaming about since I can remember (that at being a wife). I also dream of traveling the world (or mainly the united states) from campsite to campsite and one day starting a clothing line. it’s fun to dream, and plan, and watch those plans change into something you didn’t expect but enjoying everything it has to offer. I hope you stick around and adventure with me. it may not always be perfect, but it’ll be fun having you along.