how i edit my instagram photos + tips i use

January 25, 2016

i’m sure like me, you love instagram. it’s such a fun way to share parts of your life. taking pictures is one of my favorite things to do, and making them look pretty next to each other is also a lot of fun for me. i only use about one or two apps to edit my photos, and this one created by a beautiful mess is my new favorite! if you really want the color in your pictures to pop, this is a great app. i’ve been obsessing over trying out each filter (my favorite so far is ‘lazy sunday’) and tool. (i don’t always use ‘afterlight’, but there are a few filters i really love on there. you can also make your photo into different shapes, and that’s always fun) out of the three, there’s main one i really use is VSCOcam. i love the fliters on here, and another thing that i love about it is that the layout is very similar to instagram so i save the photo’s in the app in the order they appear in my instagram so i can see what ones look good next to picture’s i’ve already posted, and then that way i can plan ahead. yeah, i know, i know, i’m crazy.
04 is the filter i use most. i try and make sure i use the same filter for each picture, so they look good next to each other. some don’t always look best with that filter, so i’ll play with the lighting and the contrast. i could spend (way too many) hours doing this, but i really enjoy it.if you only knew how long it took me to figure out what pictures i want to post and which ones look best, it’s probably unhealthy, but hey, like i said, i enjoy it.

a few extra tips i have for when you’re taking pictures for instagram//

01. natural light. take photos outside, or next to a window if possible. lighting is always key.
02. take the photo with the square option on your phone to make sure it will fit. there’s been times where i’m super bummed that my whole photo doesn’t look good in a tiny square.
03. take pictures of what you love. don’t try to be other people that you follow, just share what makes you happy.
04. i like to keep the ‘grid’ on my phone turned on, that way i can center objects i take photos of, and make sure my landscape is level.
05. don’t be afraid (or embarrassed) to stand on a chair, in a bush (i may have done that more than once), or pull over on the side of the road to take a picture, if you see something you want to capture. do it. be creative.