how to make a fall flower crown

September 28, 2015

flower crowns are still in right? i hope they never go out of style, i think they are so beautiful. i’m going to the river for halloween and i want to make a flower crown so i can bring a little bit of fall with me on my trip. last year i made one with an elastic base, it was pretty but i never wore it because it was too tight. i figured out a new way to make them and now i can’t wait to make one for every season or special occasion. you’ll need:
wire// i just got some out of my dad’s garage, any kind should work as long as it’s thick and sturdy enough to attach flowers too but easy enough to bend so it can fit your head
wire cutters//
floral tape// i bought mine in a pack of three from michael’s $6.00
flowers// what ever kind you like, but make sure when you cut them you leave some of the stem. once i bent the wire to my preferred shape and size, i covered the whole thing with garden tape, then i cut the flowers and started wrapping the stems to connect the flowers to the wire. that’s all there is to it, i think the hardest part was deciding where i wanted the flowers.