i wish they all could be california girls

March 21, 2017

i may or may not have zip-tied my phone to a fence post to take this photo. shout out to my dad for instilling me with macgyver like skills (and the zip-ties). not gonna lie, i’ve bad mouthed california a few times, the people, the traffic, the weather, i haven’t always considered it the greatest place, but no matter what, it’ll always be home. it’s where my parents grew up, it’s where i was (born &) raised, and also where i am currently living. i’m actually probably living in the most california-y place in california, which is the last place i ever imagined myself to be, yet at the same time, a place i can’t imagine leaving quite yet. i prayed for so long that God would move me. i so badly wanted that place he moved me to, to be out of this state, so when i ended up here i felt like this was just a pit stop along the way, and he was still going to answer my prayers. i think i thought that because it wasn’t where i wanted to end up, he really didn’t answer me yet, but i was so wrong. he answered my prayer, he moved me, and it may have not been the place i wanted, but it was the place i needed. i am so happy to be a california girl.