i’m moving!

July 18, 2016

“um excuse me nice looking ikea worker, can you take a photo of us? wait.. just let me awkwardly climb into the basket first…. okay we’re ready” i’ve been a little MIA lately but that’s because i’m moving! my friend chloe and i just got an apartment down by the beach and we couldn’t be more excited to officially move in next week!Β  we adulted hard in ikea the other day, and by that i mean we drifted the shopping cart around the store and bought a toilet bowl brush. #winning hello real world, please be good to us. ps. we are going to be starting a youtube channel where we vlog all our new adventures, so be on the look out for that to stay updated on our lives!

6 thoughts on “i’m moving!

  1. Deborah hawkey


  2. Laura Hoglin

    Ooohhhh! A place to crash for a beach trip!!!!! Just me, I’ll leave the kids at home. . . .

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