it’s my birthday month!

February 1, 2018

january kinda felt like there was 55 days in it, but at the same time flew by! the weather has been so nice here it’s hardly felt like winter, and surprisingly i’m not complaining. last weekend we drove to san clemente and laid out at the beach all day long, it was glorious. when i first moved down here i didn’t think i was that much of a beach person, but it has grown on me so much more than i ever thought it would, and i’m completely okay with it. anyways, since it’s now my birthday month (and i’m going to be 25!!) i thought i’d share twenty five facts about myself:

01| my favorite animal is a goat
02| sometimes the dreams that i have end up happening in real life
03|i once swore i would never drink coffee now i barely go a day without it.. and i drink it black
04| i hate wearing flip-flops
05|i was almost kidnapped as a child
06|i don’t have a favorite color
07|starburst jelly beans are my favorite candy
08|i’ve been a preschool teacher for six years
09|i used to collect key chains and i have some from every state and most countries
10|i’ve never eaten cookie dough
11|one day i want a german short-haired pointer named willie nelson
12|i can quote every episode of psych and gilmore girls
13|i was born six and a half weeks early
14|i start listening to christmas music in july
15|i hate whipped cream
16|i’m allergic to strawberries
17|chloe and i have a youtube channel
18|i have eight-thousand pictures on my phone
19|crickets scare me
20|i could eat breakfast for every single meal and never get bored
21|i want to adopt
22|i’ve been to over thirty country concerts
23| i wish i was an FBI agent
24|i have zero issue peeing in a bush
25|i have two tattoos and want at least four more

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