10 jeep essentials

July 31, 2015

i come from a family who likes to be prepared, like packing for a vacation days before we actually leave prepared. so naturally being ready for anything is in my blood. once i got otis i decided to go through my bag and update/add a few things.
01// tow strap 02// jumper cables 03// camera, it doesn’t stay in my bag, but i bring it along with me on all my adventures 04// fire extinguisher 05// shovel (similar) 06// duct tape
07// first aid kit 08// air compressor 09// a variety of tools 10// ice scrapper  
my dad also threw in a rope, a few water bottles, a rag, and i always have a flashlight in the door of my car, along with a pocket knife, and a blanket. basically, i’m ready for the apocalypse. or any adventure life throws my way! #whereotisgoes