jolie’s senior pictures

May 4, 2016

um, can we just talk about how pretty this girl is for a second!? serious heart eyes over here! i can’t believe she’s graduating! i’ve known jolie for (going on) sixteen years! one of my favorite, earliest, memories of her is when she trotted her tiny self over to my house one day. she flung our gate open and stuck her hand up at my dog, not as a wave hello, but more of a i’m a little scared of you so i’m gonna put my hand up so you stay away from me thing. she did so of course with her infamous jolie attitude. this girl has been such a huge part of my life over these last sixteen years, she’s always been my go to, my shoulder to cry on, she’s inspired me to be a better person, and she’s made me laugh until i cry countless times. i’m so proud of who she is and who she is continuing to become each day. this little cutie is going to be attending the university of montana in the fall, it’s going to be weird not being right next door to each other but i’m so excited to see where the next chapters in both our lives take us. but no matter what she’ll always be the shawn to my gus (if you haven’t watched psych, do so right now).had to throw that one in.