December 9, 2015

growing up i’ve always kept a journal, but as i got older (and busier) it began to feel more and more like a chore to write in it everyday. recently i stumbled upon some old journals of mine, i smiled (and laughed at myself while) looking back through all my written memories and it made me want to start writing in one again. while sammi and i were out shopping a few months ago we found these and thought they would be perfect for what we had in mind. we decorated the covers, and decided to only write about days we really want to remember. and the best part is, is that the pages are completely blank, so that we can draw (or paint) something that represents that day as well. there’s also a really cool pocket on the first page to stick ticket stubs, boarding passes, or any other keepsakes you’ve collected over that year. it’s so much fun and i actually get excited to write in it. these are a few of my favorites over the last couple months. i ordered pictures through foxprint, that will go in the blank spaces on the pages. i think i’ll start sharing a few entries with you guys every so often. if you guys keep a journal like this i would love to hear how you do it, i love scrolling through pinterest looking at (and pinning) a ton of inspiration.