labor day weekend.

September 4, 2014

my family and I went to the river this passed weekend, it was a short trip but it was really relaxing.. once we actually made it there that is. we rolled out of our driveway around twelve noon, and didn’t get to the river until about twelve midnight. long story short a little over two hours into our drive one of our tires blew, and the force of the explosion bent up the side of our motorhome! you can imagine the sound it made, we almost peed our pants. my dad changed the tire and fixed the motorhome (which took about two hours) as best he could, and then we drove another hour into a town to get all new tires (my dad said that if one blows they usually all start) for our motorhome and boat trailer. that took a little over two hours, which resulted in a couple mikes hard lemonade and eating carl’s jr on a curb in 102 degree weather (and that’s after the sun went down). it wasn’t the best chain of events but it we turned it into a great time, that’s always been my family’s motto, dance in the rain.

we made it!