August 28, 2014

life has been a whirlwind lately. not so much that I feel like I can’t stand against the wind, but it’s definitely blurring my vision a little bit (and my brain). my whole life we’ve had to deal with an.. “issue” and we’ve gotten really good at it, it’s become part of our life, and it’s come to a point where it isn’t really that hard to deal with anymore (at least not as hard as when it was brand new). recently this “issue” grew about fifteen times it’s size in a short amount of time and it’s sort of taken us aback, (for some reason) me especially. I have to teach myself all over again how to deal with it, how to bring it down to a level where it doesn’t seem so huge anymore. a new normal. it’s gonna take awhile for that to happen, but I know I can do it. one day I’ll talk about this issue, it may not be soon, but one day. I hope to actually write a book about it all (we’ll see if that ever happens). I started this blog to share pictures and (short) stories, or a random recipe here and there.. I never really thought I would ever have the urge to get deeper and talk about such personal parts of my life. sharing things about your life can be a scary thing, along with it comes judging, opinions, rude comments.. the list goes on, so it makes you hesitant to willingly discuss your life on the internet. however, it can also be good to share, it’s an outlet to express yourself and your life, you can make friends and find people who may be dealing with a situation similar to yours. just as long as you remain cautious it can grow to become such an incredible thing. I’m exciting to start sharing more on here, and watch this space of mine (hopefully) grow.