lemon essential oil

August 13, 2017

lemon essential oil is one of my favorites, it has so many uses + it smells amazing!
the main thing i use it for is cleaning, i add some to my soap, put a few drops in my laundry, it’s great for removing sap + other sticky things off of any surface. Lemon is also very nourishing for your skin, I usually add a couple drops to my face-wash. if you have a diffuser i highly recommend you diffuse lemon in your home, it lifts your mood and can also prevent yourself from getting a cold, or help you get over one you’ve already caught. Lemon is a natural disinfectant, it is great for removing sticky things from surfaces, polishes wood and silver, and helps get rid of stains on clothing. I try and put a few drops in my water every morning which is great for your digestive system, kidneys, and just helps cleanse your body. if you are unsure of which oils to start out with, i would suggest lemon as one of the first ones to add to your collection! another great option would be to get the basic starter kit (lemon comes in the kit along with 10 other oils and a diffuser!). when purchasing a starter kit you could become a member of my team and receive 24% off the retail price of all the oils you buy in the future.