new years resolutions

January 1, 2017

hello 2017! this year is going to be great, i can already feel it. i’m so excited for what’s to come and for all the changes i’m going to make to better my life. one of my favorite things to do in the new year is to write down my resolutions, i love having a fresh start with new goals and things to look forward to.

2017 resolutions
the first one is roam.. this sticker actually inspired me. i want to visit places i’ve never been, and just spend more time exploring new areas of the world.

drink more water + eat better. 
chloe and i are doing whole 30 in january, i’m so excited to start out the year eating so good and sort of detox our bodies.

get a decent night’s sleep. over the past month or two, i’ve joked that i don’t sleep anymore, i just take naps. i want to make sure i’m getting the rest i need.

journal + read more. i love to read and write, but lately i haven’t made the time to. i want to buy some more books and instead of scrolling through social media before bed, i want to scroll through a few pages.

do one (or two) new thing(s) a month. i want to start doing more things that sort of put me out of my comfort zone, and push me into becoming a better person.

One thought on “new years resolutions

  1. Nonna

    Those are really good, solid, inspiring, fun, self-improving resolutions…I am going to think them over myself…maybe steal one or two… Love you to bits, Sweets…

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