i wish they all could be california girls

March 21, 2017

i may or may not have zip-tied my phone to a fence post to take this photo. shout out to my dad for instilling me with macgyver like skills (and the zip-ties). not gonna lie, i’ve bad mouthed california a few times, the people, the traffic, the weather, i haven’t always considered it the greatest place, but no matter what, it’ll always be home. it’s where my parents grew up, it’s where i was (born &) raised, and also where i am currently living. i’m actually probably living in the most california-y place in california, which is the last place i ever imagined myself to be, yet at the same time, a place i can’t imagine leaving quite yet. i prayed for so long that God would move me. i so badly wanted that place he moved me to, to be out of this state, so when i ended up here i felt like this was just a pit stop along the way, and he was still going to answer my prayers. i think i thought that because it wasn’t where i wanted to end up, he really didn’t answer me yet, but i was so wrong. he answered my prayer, he moved me, and it may have not been the place i wanted, but it was the place i needed. i am so happy to be a california girl.

stormy weather

March 13, 2017

i wasn’t joking when i said i hadn’t seen the sun in months. i thought moving to the beach would mean that i would be tan all year round, and would never have to wear a jacket. Ha! boy was i wrong. it’s rained more than i’ve ever seen in my whole life! i kept joking that the world was coming to an end, i mean, the bible says there will be flooding.. and there was flooding alright. but, i’m really not complaining, cause although i am happy it’s starting to warm up, i really do love rainy weather. one day right as a storm was rolling in, chloe and i walked along the beach, and it was one of the prettiest sights i’ve seen in awhile. the waves were HUGE, and even though it was extremely windy it oddly still felt so quiet and still. it was super hard for me moving to the beach, but it has grown on me more than i ever thought it could. i am so blessed to live in this place.

sunday best

March 12, 2017

          dress// forever21 sweater// forever21 shoes// no rest for bridget bag// nena & co
happy sunday, friends. I AM SO HAPPY THE WEATHER IS FINALLY WARMING UP. i kid you not, i haven’t seen the sun in months. it’s been so nice to finially wear dresses and be out in the sunshine, i’m sure i’ll get sick of the heat soon, but right now i’m soaking it all up.

palm springs travel guide

March 8, 2017

when i was little we used to stop here on the way to the river every year, my brothers and i would climb all over their tails and pretend they were real. now there’s a $5,000 fine if you touch one. funny how things change like that. but even after all these years, stopping here is still as cool as it was when i was eight. i highly recommend visiting these dinos on your way up (or down) the 10 freeway. i haven’t stayed in that many hotels, but this one is by far my favorite. it’s decorated so cute, the beds are super comfy, and the people who work there are the sweetest. also i would highly suggest you get a meal from kind’s highway! so. good. and don’t forget to take some pictures in the photo-booth! that’s one of my favorite parts!

hello again

March 7, 2017

well hello! it’s been a little while since i’ve graced this space with my presence. life has just been busy lately, and when i have down time it’s usually spent relaxing or having fun with friends. i’ve missed this though. coming on here, rambling, and sharing my photos. i forgot how good it feels.

sunday best

January 9, 2017

sundays are my favorite days, slow and relaxing. i like to spend them catching up on reading, journaling, or just anything that i wasn’t able to get done during the week. sometimes lazy days are good for the soul. plus, a sunday well spent really does bring a week of content.                                  jeans// levis  shirt// american eagle flannel// nectar

new years resolutions

January 1, 2017

hello 2017! this year is going to be great, i can already feel it. i’m so excited for what’s to come and for all the changes i’m going to make to better my life. one of my favorite things to do in the new year is to write down my resolutions, i love having a fresh start with new goals and things to look forward to.

2017 resolutions
the first one is roam.. this sticker actually inspired me. i want to visit places i’ve never been, and just spend more time exploring new areas of the world.

drink more water + eat better. 
chloe and i are doing whole 30 in january, i’m so excited to start out the year eating so good and sort of detox our bodies.

get a decent night’s sleep. over the past month or two, i’ve joked that i don’t sleep anymore, i just take naps. i want to make sure i’m getting the rest i need.

journal + read more. i love to read and write, but lately i haven’t made the time to. i want to buy some more books and instead of scrolling through social media before bed, i want to scroll through a few pages.

do one (or two) new thing(s) a month. i want to start doing more things that sort of put me out of my comfort zone, and push me into becoming a better person.

favorite moments of 2016

December 31, 2016

i’ve been sitting here scrolling through all the photos i’ve taken in 2016, i love looking back over the highlights.. even though the year was rough, it was also so, so great.






reflecting on 2016

this year was by far the hardest year of my life, it was full so much change, hurt, and my strength was tested more than enough times for my liking. but with all of that came lots of growth, learning, and i’ve ended up in a place that i’m really proud of. so here’s my advice to you as we close out one year and open up the door to a new one.. when life gets tough, try not to let it get you down, but instead, look at it as a season for growing and learning, and just as a time where God is shaping you into the person you’re meant to be. everyone has rough patches, but i promise it gets better. so cheers to the new year, good things are coming!

jeep adventures

December 27, 2016

chloe and i are home for christmas and friends of ours came up to adventure around in the snow. we piled into my dad’s and shane’s jeeps and went on a little drive through the mountains, it was a blast and we only got stuck once. sometimes we get so caught up in living life, needing to be places, making all ends meet all the time.. and it can just get overwhelming and exhausting. all growing up my life was spent going on countless camping trips, tons of off-road excursions and doing things that just sort of distance ourselves from the business of the world..  and honestly, to me, there is nothing more important. yesterday when we were driving around, so many memories filled my mind, and i remembered why i have such an adventurous soul. days like this are so special to me because in the end, these are going to be the moments i remember and cherish forever.
my dad: “guys go fall back into the snow and i’ll take your picture”