overheard// my preschool class

March 15, 2016

M: “if i was a real dog i would lick you.”

A: “my mom is too short to go to college”

C: “if i close my eyes and listen hard enough i can hear cows”

S: “ms. samantha, i think you need to go to target and buy some new pants” after seeing the holes in my jeans

B: “did you know that i used to eat dog food when i was a baby?”

S: “guess what, i’m having a baby today”

A: “i would have to say that a car is my favorite form of transportation”

teacher: “what things tell you when to stop” M: “your mom”

D: “all the snow melted. i think a monster ate it, now he probably has to pee”

A: “if i went to space i would turn into a unicorn”

S: “yesterday i went poop four times”

R: “i eat fiber so i can run from zombies”

E: “i can’t wait to be 42 one day”

M: “i wish i could have a pet octopus and name him nick”